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Butterfly Lands On Father’s Hand During Heartwarming Tribute To Late Daughter At A Wedding

“Vanessa was with us there and throughout the night!”

  • A couple decided to pay tribute to the groom’s late sister during their wedding.
  • Butterflies were released by the groom’s parents to honor their daughter but the butterflies refused to fly away.
  • The butterflies stayed throughout the ceremony and one even landed on the groom’s father’s hand.

There is little doubt that weddings are joyful events but also a time of remembrance. One couple decided to pay tribute to the groom’s sister who had passed away before their wedding. To do so, they released butterflies to honor her. Amazingly, the butterflies decided to surround the couple as well as the groom’s father. One butterfly even landed on his hand and refused to leave him.

The story was shared by photographer Jessica Mann, who was working on the wedding ceremony in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. According to Mann, the groom’s sister died in a car accident several years before the wedding but the couple still wanted her to be a part of the event. Their tribute came in the form of butterflies being released by the groom’s parents during the ceremony. However, one butterfly decided to stay with the groom’s father throughout the entire ceremony.

The butterflies refused to fly away, instead choosing to stay with the groom’s parents.

The butterfly that landed on the father’s hand stayed with him for a long time. After the ceremony, it then flew to the bride’s bouquet.

The butterflies also favored the young bride throughout her wedding.

“Lydia, the bride, even walked down the aisle with two on her dress. Then a few hours later during the speeches, another butterfly somehow got inside the barn and landed on Lydia’s neck and remained there for all the speeches,” Mann wrote.

It’s a gorgeous tribute to a late loved one but Mann also revealed that it may have been the groom’s sister’s way of letting her parents and her brother know she was with them during the wedding.

“There’s a common belief that our loved ones visit us sometimes as butterflies,” Mann wrote.

The beautiful bride also weighed in on what happened during her wedding. “Vanessa [the groom’s sister] was with us there and throughout the night,” she wrote.


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