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Stunning Wooden Tables With Gorgeous Ocean Waves Mesmerize Netizens

It’s like having the ocean in your own home!

  • A woodworker and an artist have collaborated to create some of the most amazing tables you will ever see.
  • The gorgeous wooden tables are already beautiful on their own but are made even more stunning with resin.
  • As a result, the tables appear to be covered in perfectly-made ocean waves and have mesmerized people with their beauty.

There is little doubt that a table can be an amazing centerpiece in your home. However, two artists have made sure you can bring the ocean into your house with the stunning wooden tables they have created. The gorgeous furniture appears to be washed with realistic ocean waves and people simply cannot get enough of it.

The beautiful tables are the result of a collaboration between woodworker Jared Davis and artist Rivka Wilkins. It’s an awesome project that combines the talent of two people’s amazing skills with stunning results.

Here’s how Davis and Wilkins came up with the idea in the first place. According to Davis, he decided to work with Wilkins after seeing her works on Instagram. “She seemed really genuine and actually our first collaboration was a giveaway for my 40k follower mark,” Davis explained.

The projects were so well-received that they continued to work together on more tables.

To create the tables, Wilkins uses several layers of resin that depict the ocean waves. It’s a delicate art that perfectly captures the beauty of the ocean and gives the table a unique look.

Wilkins is careful not to cover the entire table in the ocean waves. You can still see a part of the wood, which completes the furniture’s amazing look.

Interested in these gorgeous tables? The furniture are listed on Davis’ Etsy page and could retail for between $1,700 to $2,000. It might be pricey but most fans believe that it’s all worth it.


Comic Artist, Who Stands 5-Feet, Shares The Advantages of Being Short

Yes, there are certain advantages that only short people get to enjoy!

Size truly doesn't matter. Life can be great even if you're not that tall at all. Take it from Brisa, an artist who stands at 152 cm (that's almost 5 feet!) and has utilized her creativity to make a fun series of illustrations, depicting the perks of being short.

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Playboy Tortoise to Be Sent Home After Saving His Species From Extinction

His “womanizing” made him the patriarch of around 40% of the island’s tortoise population.

  • Diego, who is a 100-year-old tortoise, was said to have helped boost the population of his species to more than 2000.
  • Before Diego started "womanizing," the island only had 2 males and 12 female tortoises.
  • He is believed to have become the patriarch of around 40% of the island's tortoise population.

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Man Repopulates a Disappearing Species of Butterfly in His Own Backyard

…And even donated some to the botanical garden!

  • The Pipevine Swallowtail started to disappear during the constant urbanization of the Northern California area in the early 1900s
  • Tim Wong found the food source in the botanical garden, took it home, and let it grow on his backyard
  • He was able to repopulate the butterflies and even donated caterpillars to the botanical garden

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