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Japanese Artist Turns Snack Packaging Into Amazing Masterpieces

A good use for things that would otherwise land in trash!

Mark Andrew





It’s always amazing when we see creative people turning trash into fantastic works of art. They definitely make it possible for us look at ordinary objects with new eyes!

Case in point, one artist from Japan named Haruki (also known by his Twitter followers as @02ESyRaez4VhR2l) has been gaining massive attention on the internet because of his unique creations.

As you will see on the photos below, this man has the incredible talent of crafting figures and models using snack packaging. What’s even more amazing is the amount of details he puts into each piece.

Just take a look at this Pringles can turned into a realistic figure. Sure, the first thing we all notice is how this miniature gentleman is looking pretty dapper while rocking that colorful suit. But pay attention and look closely at his shoes and you will realize he’s got some shoelaces as well!

Yes, that’s how dedicated Haruki is as he works on his junk masterpieces and we couldn’t help but adore him. We’ve totally become instant fans and we’ll make sure to follow him online.

Check out his art below:












According to a BoredPanda feature, Haruki’s artwork “has a name in Japanese and it is called ‘Kiries’ or ‘Kirigami’ – the art of paper-cutting.” while Kirie borders more on traditional art, Haruki has managed to tweak it by adding a modern feel to his creations.

Understandably, netizens are all praises for the Japanese artist’ creativity.

One fan wrote:

“This is amazing. This artist is really talented. Also a good use for things that would otherwise land in trash (an excellent recycling idea).”

Meanwhile, another commented:

“My fave is the baby seal. After that, the little car and the church/cathedral. And the airship. So…pretty much all of them. I like how he thoughtfully incorporates the logos.”

For more Haruki goodness, go follow him over at Twitter.


Artist Creates Origami Cranes With Intricate Details And They’re Amazing

These paper cranes are amazing!

Angela Beltran



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He started creating paper cranes in 2015 and has since made them for 1,000 consecutive days. Now, he has released new designs that are intricate, detailed, and creative.

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20 Illustrations That Accurately Capture Modern Society’s Major Problems

These profound illustrations have relevant messages for us.

Mark Andrew



One of the wonderful things about good art is that they can be very effective in conveying important messages. Regardless if it is a piece of music, a framed painting, or any other medium, art can have a huge impact and influence on a person or even an entire society.

This is exactly the reason why we love the work of Al Margen. As you will see in the illustrations below, his thought-provoking illustrations accurately mirror some of the major problems we have in the modern world. The artworks are mostly dark and bleak and each one carries a profound message for all of us.

Check out the drawings and observe closely. Try to see the messages behind the illustrations and see where you stand in these relevant issues - are you part of the problem or are you doing your best to be a part of the solution?

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6 Ancient Artworks That Led To Fascinating Discoveries

#5 is truly fascinating!

Nobelle Borines



The ancient world is still shrouded in mystery but we continue to learn new things every day. Sometimes these discoveries come from surprising sources. The artworks of our ancestors have often revealed fascinating things about our history.

Some of these interesting discoveries are related to religion. For instance, a 1,500-year-old painting found in the ruins of Shivta depicts the face of Jesus Christ. However, it is different from most images of the Messiah we see today. The painting shows Jesus as a young man instead of his commonly bearded appearance. Here are six ancient artworks that led to fascinating discoveries.

1. Pompeii's Exquisite Lararium

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