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Japanese Adult Video Company Gives Away 200 Free Movies During Pandemic

To help those “in need.”

  • The company hopes that this will make their costumers “smile a little.”
  • The site crashed the day the offer was announced because of the high traffic.
  • PornHub also provided free service for users in Italy.

If there’s one good thing that came out of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s the way people are helping each other get through in times of need. Of course, it should be noted that a modern man’s “needs” go beyond food, clothing, and shelter – for most, sexual gratification is included here as well.

The Japanese, of course, know this all too well and is more than willing to help others “in need.” Adult video company Soft On Demand (SOD) is giving away more than 200 titles of porn movies for those who have to stay stuck at home throughout the month.

SOD wants to alleviate your “suffering” during these hard times.
This wonderful act of generosity will allow fans to get their fill of their favorite porn actresses absolutely free, as long as they are subscribers of the company’s SOD Prime package.

Users only need to register as members in order to get access to the titles. This feature is available until March 31, 2020. A public relations officer from SOD said that they “hope [their] customers can smile a little.”

As expected, the offer became a hit among customers, causing the site’s server to crash because of the high volume of traffic. As of 4 pm on March 13, the site’s traffic was thrice higher than usual the day the offer was announced, according to SOD Prime’s Twitter account.

As if that’s not already enough, SOD also announced that they will give away SOD Basara Masturbation Aids for the first 200 people who will register for the offer.

As for those asking if the videos are still going to be “mosaic,” the answer is yes. Those who do not yet know what “mosaic” means, go ahead and Google.

Prior to this, adult video platform Pornhub also gave free access of its premium service to people in Italy, which suffered the severe impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. The service is available until April 3.

Japan has more than 1,500 cases of COVID-19 as of March 16. The government has implemented stricter measures to contain the spread of virus. Around 700 of these cases came from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Travel restrictions have since been applied and mass gatherings are strictly prohibited.


Qatar Bans Travellers from 14 Countries Amid Rising Coronavirus Cases

The Qatari government is assuring the public that they are “taking all preventive measures” to limit the virus’ spread.

  • In an attempt to prevent further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Qatar has closed its borders to passenger planes coming from 14 different countries.
  • The health ministry assured the public that they are taking "all necessary preventive measures" to limit the spread of the dreaded disease.
  • Schools and university classes have likewise been cancelled in the country from March 10 and onwards.

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Loving Bro Creates a Stunning Gown for His Sister’s JS Prom

It was a Do It Yourself (DIY) and Youtube browsing helped Maverick Francisco Oyao’s finish an ala-Michael Cinco inspired Spring and Summer Collection.

  • When the school announced the date of his sister's JS prom, Maverick Francisco Oyao worried about his parents cannot afford on buying or renting his sister a ball gown.
  • Upon his sister insistence, he decided to make her a ball gown from scratch.
  • Oyao first doubted himself if he can create and finish the gown on time, but thanks to his mother, google, and youtube, her sister flaunted the gown beautifully and elegantly.
  • When he shared this story, netizens can't get over it and shared his good deed

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Fake Cop Gets Arrested After Pulling Over Real Police Officers

Definitely NOT his lucky day!

  • Valiery Portlock, 25 years old, posed as a fake cop in Hicksville, Long Island in New York.
  • Unfortunately for him, he pulled over a van carrying detectives from the electronic squad of the police department.
  • Portlock attempted to escape them but he was immediately stopped by highway patrol officers.
  • He is now facing two charges as a result of his actions.

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