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Japan Has Its Own Version of Venice in Kyoto

The houses appear as if they are floating on water.






Want to go to Venice but your budget can only affor Asia? Well head over to Japan instead. Aptly nicknamed “The Venice of Japan,” the sleepy town of Ine no Funaya or The Boat Houses of Ine is the country’s version of Venice.

There are 230 wooden boathouses standing on a narrow strip of land between the sea and the mountains. Ine no Funaya has the sea as its front, but there’s no need to worry about powerful storms and crashing waves.

The village is located inside a cove, protecting it from the elements and helping it retain its old world charm.

The town of Ine became one of the largest suppliers of fish in Kyoto, producing approximately 25% of the fish for the prefecture.

Each house in the village has living quarters on the second floor.

There’s also garage where people can park their boats or hang up their fishing nets. The upper floors are also used as inns.

Tourists can join the locals for fishing experience and they will provide you with everything you need. They let you keep your catch and even provide you ice packs to store the fish.

When you look at the village from the sea, the houses appear as if they are floating on water.

This made Ine no Funaya a famous tourist destination and even a location for movies.

Currently, there are more than 200 funaya houses in the village.

The village has been proclaimed as a protected area of ‘important traditional buildings.’

Besides, it’s the first fishing village to be registered into Japan’s Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historical Buildings.

Aside from the wooden houses, the Ine area has other sights worth checking out. There’s the famous Nii-no-Tanada (Terraced rice fields of Nii), which gives great views of the funaya and has also become a popular movie location.

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The Best Southeast Asian Countries to Visit this 2019

Head to Southeast Asia where sumptuous food and amazing culture awaits.

Kat Lozada



If it is food and culture that you would like to experience, Southeast Asia is the best place to consider going on a trip to. Below is a rundown of the best countries to go on a vacation to this 2019:

10. Brunei

There’s more to this country than the mosques you plan to visit. Don’t leave just yet without trying their Ambugat, Brunei’s indigenous dish made from the trunk of a sago tree and, okay, visiting the famous Billionth Barrel Monument.

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40 Illegal Photos of North Korea That Kim Jong-un Doesn’t Want the World to See

There is a reason why the Supreme Leader wants to isolate the country.




A photographer by the name of Eric Lafforgue had the chance to experience what it is like to live in North Korea. Being able to visit the country six times already, he managed to capture images that were actually forbidden to take and/or were asked to be deleted. These are simply the kind of photos that the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un does not want the world to see.

At first, Lafforgue was interested in being a casual tourist in the communist country. But as the time went on, he began to reveal its only façade. And he wanted to go beyond what common people think of the nation, from catching a domestic glimpse of the land to how the regime completely reigns. Eric admitted that, like any other tourist, he was not allowed to take pictures of the police and the army, among others.

Thanks to his 300mm zoom lens and a comfortable sitting position at the back of his bus, he was able to take as many shots as he can. “As soon as they were opening a new area to visit, I tried to go and see it,” he said.

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10 Travel Scams and Rip-Offs to Watch Out For When You Travel Abroad

There are effective ways to counter scammers – specifically by understanding how these crooks work!




In a recent statistics, there were around 1.235 billion international tourists across the globe. That goes to show that human beings love to travel and explore the world. In terms of the popular countries among tourists, the list includes the USA, France, Italy, China, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

But with the increase of tourists, deceivers have also doubled in numbers. These scumbags continue to trick travelers in hopes to scam them. Apparently though, some tourists are also to be blamed. They simply rely too much on locals and fail to recognize scammers.

There are, however, plenty of ways to counter these deceivers - and one of them is by understanding how these thieves work. Below are some of them.

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