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When This Man Revealed A Powerful Secret To This Racist Family. They Were Left Speechless.

Turned out the man they discriminated was the one who saved their daughter’s life!


Racism and discrimination are rampant social issues that must be eliminated totally. It is just plain rude and detrimental for different races to bring down their fellow humans as if skin color and origin can predetermine one’s status in the world. Furthermore, parents should teach their kids as early as possible to practice equality and show the same amount of respect to each and every one they meet.

In this short film by JAFAR, we are reminded to stop discrimination and to prevent feeling superior to anyone, regardless of skin color or race. The clip showed a family with white skin color coming into the waiting area of a clinic. When the mother saw that someone with a dark skin color was sitting next to her daughter, she immediately grabbed her daughter’s hand and the family stayed as far as possible to the man. When the nurse came out of the doctor’s room, she instructed the family and the man to all come inside as the doctor wanted to talk to them all together. The family was surprised but did as instructed. When they got inside, they were surprised to find out that the man they discriminated was the one who helped their needing family.

Watch the video here:

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The family was shocked to find that the man they showed rude manners to, was the same man who donated part of his bone marrow to their daughter. Although the next events were not shown, we can just imagine how guilty the parents were. It is a striking reminder that all of us were created equal and no one has the right to belittle anyone in this world. Please share this post to your family and friends and be a tool to stop discrimination in the world!

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From 56 to 12 Pounds–Look at this Obese Miniature Dachshund’s Journey to Weight Loss!

A truly inspiring story of one dog’s journey to weight loss.

Who would've thought that even dogs can suffer from obesity?

Dennis, a miniature dachshund weighed approximately 56 pounds. That is the equivalent of at least four or five normal dogs of the same breed. Like human beings who have the same condition, this pooch from Columbus, Ohio experienced shortness of breath when walking. Being obese made him very lethargic.

His obesity was attributed to his usual diet of human food, pizza, and White Castle burgers...

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Champion Surfer Sacrifices Win for a Paralyzed Man…We Need More Men Like Him!

This story will give you chills.

Martin Passeri of Argentina was the front-runner to win the country’s annual surfing championship. On the day of the competition, everybody was eagerly waiting to watch the ride of the five-time champion. But everyone was surprised when instead of going directly to catch his wave, he stopped on the sand and approached a man in a wheelchair.

The man, Nicolas Gallegos, got paralyzed from the waist down when he was 18. This ended his dream to surf short. Little did he know that twenty years after his accident, his lifelong dream will be fulfilled.

Watch the video:

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This Father Founded His Own School When He Couldn’t Find One for His Daughter.

Instead of being discouraged, he embraced his daughter’s brain disorder and dedicated his life to kids who are undergoing the same situation.

For many, having their own child is a dream come true. Being able to see someone born in one's own flesh and bones elicits an inexplicable and overall wonderful feeling. It changes, moves and inspires a person to be better. It gives a sense of responsibility that no other circumstance can impose.

Patrick Donohue had his life-changing moment when her daughter Sarah Jane came into the world on June 5, 2005. But after five days, he noticed that Sarah Jane was notably lethargic so he brought her back to the pediatrician for a checkup. After weeks of diagnostic workups, it was discovered that 60 percent of Sarah Jane's rear cortex of the brain was lost due to the alleged violent shaking of a nurse.

“I’ll never forget, the first day we took her back to the hospital and they were trying to stick an IV in her,” recalled Donohue. “Tears were rolling down her face. Her mouth was wide open but because of the brain injury she couldn’t cry. From that moment on I knew I needed to be the voice of Sarah Jane.”

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