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13-Year-Old Boy Graduates With 4 Associate Degrees




  • A 13-year-old boy named Jack Rico has become the youngest graduate at Fullerton College.
  • He graduated with a 4.0 GPA in not just one – but four associate degrees.
  • The pandemic canceled his first graduation, so he had a unique drive-by graduation ceremony at home.
  • Like other 13-year-olds, he is now looking forward to spending his summer vacation playing video games.

13-year-old Jack Rico just celebrated his graduation from Fullerton College in his home’s front yard in La Mirada, California.His family and friends cheered on from their cars. 

As if being Fullerton College’s youngest graduate at 13 was not amazing enough, he also snagged a diploma for four associate degrees – each with a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).


“I still can’t really believe that I’ve achieved something like this. I didn’t know that I could really do that,” Jack said. He shared that he was looking forward to his first official graduation so he was “a little sad and disappointed” when it was canceled. 


He was home-schooled so the graduation at Fullerton was about to be his first. To cheer him up, his family and friends helped him celebrate by holding a drive-by graduation parade.


Jack’s mother, Ru Andrade, said her son has always been special. She also said she knew he was actually “smarter” than her since he was four. 

Ru recalled that before Jack’s fourth birthday, she asked him what he wanted and he responded that he wanted to see the White House. She told him it was a “really big trip” for a three-year-old boy but if he could memorize all the United States presidents, she would take him there.

He surprised her a week later, saying he already knew the presidents’ names so he memorized the vice-presidents instead.

Fullerton College’s youngest graduate: A 13-year-old boy

Wearing a cap and sandals, Jack received his diploma from Fullerton College President Greg Schulz, who said that it is the first-of-its-kind in the school’s 107-year history. 

According to Schulz, Jack stood out from among the 21,000 students because “to have such a young student” is uncommon at the institution. He also said, “I’m so pleased that he found a home and place to excel at Fullerton College.”

Next stop: University of Nevada

Jack is all set to continue studying and getting his bachelor’s in history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. However, he said that he is still trying to figure out what he wants to be.  

“I don’t really have the whole life thing figured out,” he shared.

For now, Jack is enjoying a regular summer vacation. Like any 13-year-old, he has a big love for video games and often has petty arguments with older sisters.

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