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9 Items You Should Never, Ever Place in a Microwave





The microwave is one of the most used and important equipment in every household. It is a blessing especially to those who are always on the go. Apparently though, this device is often misused. Some people, who just love to put anything on it, do not even realize the potential harm it does.

Below are things that you, in one way or another, should not put in the microwave. Keep them in mind!

#9. Fruits

Fruits like bananas and apples have no place in the microwave. They just lose their texture and taste. Grapes, in particular, will explode as well as other dried fruits such as prunes and raisins.

#8. Take-Out Boxes

Sure, these boxes are quite convenient but do not make the mistake of putting them in a microwave. Otherwise, they will be caught in a fire and will only damage the equipment.

#7. Aluminum Foil

Unfortunately, almost everyone who owns this appliance is fond of putting aluminum foil inside. Remember this: Any metallic or folic item will nuke your equipment. It is plain and simple really: No metals allowed.

#6. Plastic

This is a no-brainer but 95 percent of heated plastics will only release chemical fumes. Although some are marked with “microwave safe,” there are those that you need to avoid. Always check the label.

#5. Eggs

Putting an egg inside a microwave will produce a lot of steam underneath the shell, thanks to the rapid heat. And since it has no way of releasing, it will eventually explode. Luckily for you, it will not necessarily destroy the equipment. However, the clean-up task will be quite nasty.

#4. Travel Mugs

It holds true that most travel mugs are meant to be placed in a microwave. But then again, they work the same as the plastic ones mentioned above. So, be sure to only use travel mugs with “microwave safe” label.

#3. Frozen Meat

If you are to cook a frozen meat, microwaving it is not the best way to go. Doing so will only cook the meat unevenly, and that is something you do not want to happen. The outside may look cooked, but the inside is actually not.

#2. Old Mugs and Plates

Some people have the habit of microwaving their old mugs and plates. Truth is, they do not actually belong there. They were not made to take the heating. In fact, plates made around the 1960s are likely to produce radiation and might even be glazed with lead.

#1. Brown Paper Bags

A paper bag seems harmless, but once it is placed inside a microwave it can become unsanitary. It tends to release toxic fumes that are (you guessed it!) bad for your health.

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