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Israel Company Developing COVID-19 Test Kit That Yields Results In 30 Seconds

This could be a game-changer.

  • Israel’s NanoScent has come up with a unique technology that yields coronavirus test results in 30 seconds.
  • Once approved, the breathalyser kit will be be sold at $10 or less, according to the company.

A company from Israel is currently developing a technology that will surely ramp up the coronavirus testing capabilities of different countries. Once proven effective, this tool can play a big role in detecting the infected so they can be isolated and cured with no delay.

NanoScent’s breathalyser test promises to yield results in merely 30 seconds and so it could be a huge game changer in the fight against the dreaded disease. In fact, the company is currently being described by the firm as a “front line” tool.

Initial trials of the test kit yielded an 85% accuracy, according to the company. Now they’re expecting to get regulatory approval in the next few months.

In an interview with AFP, chief executive officer Oren Gavriely said the breathalyser test does not aim to replace actual laboratory tests but is intended as a mass screening tool to help the public gain “the confidence to go back and act as normal”.

During a stay in the United States, Gavriely realized that his company’s resources may be helpful in battling the virus that started in Asia and s now rapidly increasing in the West.

The company then developed a system that utilizes “odors and the pattern of odors,” according to Gavriely.

It begins with people being asked a series of questions about their potential exposure and symptoms. Next, the person will inhale through the nose, hold his or her breath for a few moments, cover a nostril and then exhale through the other one through a small tube into the “Air trap” bag.

Later on, the tube will be plugged to the “Scent Reader” and the result will appear in just a matter of seconds.

“We pick up on a pattern, we record that pattern and then we can detect if someone has, or is suspected to have, COVID-19,” Gavriely explained.

Another amazing thing about the revolutionary invention is that it will be priced affordably as it will probably have a price tag of $10 per test or less.


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