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Guy Edits His Cat Into Hollywood Videos and Makes Him an Instagram Star




  • Video editor Tibo Charroppin inserts cat Lizzy aka Owl Kitty into famous videos, making her popular on Instagram.
  • Her videos have been watched more than one million times.
  • Owl Kitty is now “starring” in movies and TV shows old and new, from The Shining to Game of Thrones!

It’s no secret that cats are the top darlings of the internet. Not even those who don’t like cats so much can’t deny that our feline friends are so darn cute, from the tiniest kittens to the most majestic lions.

Clips of the cutest cat antics are often enough to bring a smile to our face, so imagine how videos of an adorable black cat edited into the most memorable Hollywood videos can brighten your day.

Thibault (Tibo) Charroppin is a video editor who managed to make his cat Lizzy the latest Instagram sensation by inserting her into clips of famous Hollywood movies.

Lizzy goes under the stage name Owl Kitty and now has 400k fans in Instagram, with her videos garnering more than one million views.
Here’s Owl Kitty sharing the spotlight with a young Tom Cruise in Risky Business, in one of the most famous entrances in movie history.
Owl Kitty is the “one” as he talks to Lawrence Fishbourne’s Morpheous in a scene from The Matrix.
“Here comes Johnny! I mean, Owl Kitty!” in that iconic scene from The Shining.
Frodo certainly knows how to tame Owl Kitty. Tuna!
Say hello to the latest football sensation! Here’s Owl Kitty getting that goal in Women’s World Cup competition.
Harry and Meghan just couldn’t get enough of the new royal baby!
“Luke, I’m your sister.”
Somehow Owl Kitty looks like the perfect pet for John Wick!
“I’m the Owl Kitty of the woooooorld!”
“Would you like to see my play room?”
Wakanda Forever!
Owl Kitty would look fetching with an eye patch, you think?
“What’s in the baaaaaax?!”

Admit it, we’ve all done this to our cats.
“Hey, Dad?”
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