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15 Ingenious Uses of WD-40 Besides Rustproofing





Almost everyone in this world – especially those who own cars and motorbikes – are aware of WD-40. And of course, they know the power this yellow-and-blue can could offer. To simply put it, this product helps protect any metal from rust. Call it a gem in this modern world.

Apparently though, WD-40 isn’t just your typical “rust remover.” It can also be used to wipe out grease and grime, and even the crayon your kids are fond of writing on the walls. Or how about the fact that it can get the gum out of your hair? Pretty impressive, right?

In reality, there are tons of ways for you to use this lubricant. Below are some of them. You can thank us later!

#1. Splinter Free Wooden Handles

Source: Pixabay

The older a tool gets, the more splinter it becomes. And this is quite worrisome, as it can prick your hands the moment you hold the handles. This is where the great WD-40 comes handy. It can protect the handle from splintering and even rotting.

#2. Loosen Ring

Sometimes, our love for accessories can take its toll. A ring, for instance, can get stuck in your fingers for whatever reason. If this unfortunate event happens, just get the lubricant and squirt a bit of it on your finger. Now watch the magic happens, as the ring easily slides off.

#3. Stuck Zipper

Source: wimp

Like most people nowadays, zippers can become stubborn, too. And when this happens, you’ll have a hard time using your favorite bag or jeans, among many others. Just use WD-40 to lubricate the zipper, but be sure to evenly spread the fluid. It should unstuck afterwards.

#4. Gum Hair

Source: Ritely

A gum stuck in your hair is probably one of the hardest challenges in your life. Not only is it messy, removing it can also be tricky. Some would even require cutting the hair just to remove the gum. Well, you don’t have to really. The aforementioned lubricant can be used to unstick the gum on your hair. Just be sure to avoid spraying your eyes and make sure that you do this in a well-ventilated area.

#5. Getting Rid of Strong Glue

Source: Ritely

Super glue is without a doubt strong and very adhesive, and once it reaches a person’s skin, it’s difficult to remove. Just use WD-40 and rub the affected area with your fingers. Do it gently, though. You can also apply the same process on areas affected with said glue.

#6. Dog Poo

Source: AIRIA

Having dog poo in our shoes is a very frustrating experience. It’s not just right. This is where you can use the lubricant to your advantage. Spray some of it on the area and rinse it with water. The dog poo itself will slide off.

#7. Removing Tar and Other Stubborn Scuff Marks


Stubborn scuff marks like tar often find themselves on our home’s floor or tiles. And unfortunately, they can’t be easily removed by a simple rinse and wipe. Actually, it can be as long as WD-40 is used. Just spray it on the affected area and scrub gently. You may rinse the area with water and soap afterwards.

#8. Prevent Wasp Nest

Source: thirtyfun

Ah, wasps. They’re definitely among our arch-nemesis. Spraying WD-40 on locations where wasps usually build their nests will prevent these creatures from doing so. According to Shareably, this is most especially useful during warmer seasons, as wasps usually build nests during these months.

#9. Getting Rid of Tea Stains

Source: Imgur

Sometimes, our table’s countertop are stained with a lot of things. Among these could be a stain from your favorite tea. You can just easily spray the lubricant on the area and wipe it with a soft cloth. You may also use a wet sponge to double the effects.

#10. Preventing Snow Buildup

Snow buildup usually takes place on our home’s and/or car’s windows. To prevent this from happening, spray the lubricant on them. Be sure to do this before the snow falls.

#11. Clean Toilet

Yes, you read that right – you can always use WD-40 to clean and make your toilet look white again. Just spray the product as usual and wipe the area. This should remove all the gunk and even the lime buildup.

#12. Cleaning License Plates

License plates are often a victim of rust, as they barely get cleaned and are often exposed to all matter of elements. WD-40 can prevent these from having rust buildup. A quick “spray and wipe” should be enough.

#13. Winterproof Shoes

You can use the lubricant to coat your favorite sneakers and prevent water from getting inside them. Moreover, the product would help remove all the salt stains that usually cause bad odor.

#14. Wipe Away Crayon

Source: Real Simple

We all want our kid to be creative, but sometimes, their creativity can be too much to handle. They’d usually use the walls of our homes as canvass and painting on them using crayons. Well, don’t burden yourself. Just use WD-40 to wipe these colors away. You can also use it on furniture or appliances with crayons on them.

#15. Remove Stickers

Source: YouTube

Ever had a hard time removing stickers? And if you do, there’s always a residue or marking, right? Actually, the trick here is to use WD-40. Not only does it make the removing easy, it also guarantees that there’ll be no leftover.

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