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Infant Infected With Coronavirus Recovers Without Meds




  • Baby girl Xiao Xiao contracted coronavirus shortly after she was born.
  • The poor infant acquired respiratory system infection and minor myocardial damage.
  • Since she did not have common symptoms such as fever and cough, the doctors did not give her antibiotics and allowed her to recover from the illness on her own.
  • After testing negative thrice, she was allowed to come home.

Xiao Xiao, a 17-day-old newborn girl, has survived the deadly novel coronavirus after acquiring minor respiratory illness shortly after she was delivered. This development, according to the Chinese government, was the first youngest patient in China to have survived even without medications.

Her mother, who was pregnant at that time, came to a Wuhan hospital after having experienced symptoms of the virus. The doctors eventually suspected of a possible virus transmission from mother to her baby and so Xiao Xiao was tested shortly after she was born.

The Department of Neonatology director Dr. Zeng Lingkong said Xiao Xiao acquired “an infection in her respiratory system and minor myocardial damage”. Since the infant did not exhibit flu-like symptoms, the doctors decided not to administer any antibiotics and “let her overcome the diseases on her own”

‘She did not have obvious difficulties in breathing, did not cough or have fevers, therefore we only gave her treatment for her myocardial condition,” Zeng said.

Miraculously, Zeng said Xiao Xiao fully recovered from coronavirus, her respiratory illness, and even her heart ailment. She was then discharged from the Wuhan Children’s Hospital after testing negative of coronavirus for three consecutive tests.

Zeng then reiterated his reminder to the public to be alert from a potential new transmission of the deadly novel coronavirus, including “vertical transmission from mothers to babies”.

According to recent reports, 82,721 have already been infected by coronavirus globally. Out of that figure, 2,817 have died while 33,350 have already recovered from the virus.

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