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COVID-19 Positive Man Hugs Nosy Neighbors To Infect Them With Virus

He also refused to be taken to a hospital.

  • A 40-year-old man in Indonesia refused a medical team when they asked him to be hospitalized for coronavirus treatment.
  • His swab results indicated he has the virus.
  • He eventually chased and hugged his neighbors in an attempt to pass the disease.

Authorities in Indonesia had to force a man to be taken into a local hospital after he tested positive of coronavirus but refused treatment. The 40-year-old made a scene in the neighbourhood after he repeatedly told health workers he is not willing to be hospitalized.

A medical team in full hazmat suits arrived at his home in Empangsari, Tasikmalaya in West Java but the man ended up lashing at his neighbors after they started recording everything using their mobile devices.

According to a report by the Jakarta Post, the man – whose identity has not been disclosed by authorities – chased and hugged his neighbors “in an apparent attempt to infect them with the viral disease,” wrote the news website.

He also angrily told the people:

“What are you staring at? I will hug you all, you will soon be people under monitoring!”

Eventually, the group was able to convince the man and he ended up in the medical facility’s quarantine room.

Muhammad Yusuf, deputy mayor of Tasikmalaya, has recently confirmed the incident.

He said:

“I have ordered a team to forcibly take the patient, because if not, it would be dangerous for the neighborhood if transmission occurs.”

He has likewise instructed the team to conduct disinfection and contact tracing efforts in the area to prevent further spread of the infectious disease.

As of May 19, Indonesia has 18,010 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 4,324 recoveries and a death toll of 1,191. The country has drawn criticisms for its alleged mishandling of the outbreak, resulting to high death rates among infected patients.

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With the Shortage of Ventilators Due to COVID-19, One Country Only Has 4 for 12 Million People

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  • Despite having a population of 12 million, South Sudan only has 4 ventilators.
  • The country has reported its first case of coronavirus last April 5.
  • So far, they have 4 confirmed COVID-19 infections.

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CDC Is Now Encouraging All Americans To Wear Masks As Protection Against COVID-19

Previously, CDC said only health workers and sick people should wear masks.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has officially announced that wearing face masks in public can help prevent coronavirus infection.
  • According to CDC, COVID-19 can spread through coughing, sneezing, and even talking.
  • The public should wear fabric masks and leave the medical masks for the frontliners.

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  • His granddaughter shared the story on Facebook and the post quickly went viral.

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