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Angry Indian Protesters Burn Chinese Flag and Images of President Xi Jinping

“India wants peace, but if provoked, India will provide an appropriate response,” warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  • Indian protesters burned Chinese flags and the images of President Xi Jinping to express their anger towards the death of 20 Indian soldiers.
  • Activists also called on the public to boycott China-made products.
  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned the country will not hesitate to “provide an appropriate response” if provoked.

Protesters in India took their anger to the streets by burning Chinese flags, along with pictures and effigies of President Xi Jinping. This follows after at least 20 members of the Indian Armed Forces were killed in a “violent face-off” with Chinese soldiers in the disputed Himalayan border.

According to reports, no shots were fired between the two sides and the deaths were a result of hand-to-hand combat as they used fists, stones, and clubs during the clash. No guns are allowed in the border.

Protests broke across the country following the death of Indian soldiers.
Activists burned images of Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Others also called for a boycott of China-made products.

In an audio message, Residents Welfare Association (RWA) president Ranjit Singh said:

“Today, as your president, I declare Defence Colony is at war. Unfortunately we cannot take up guns and bullets but definitely there are other means. We can break China’s backbone economically and today I request you all, with immediate effect, shun Chinese goods and if you have any lying in your house, please throw them out.”

Eventually, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a statement.

PM Modi said:

“India wants peace, but if provoked, India will provide an appropriate response. I want to assure the nation that the sacrifice of our soldiers will not go to waste. For us, the integrity of India and sovereignty is at the top and nobody can stop us from protecting them.”

Meanwhile, Beijing also claims they have casualties on their side although they did not specify how many of their soldiers were wounded or killed during the clash.

Watch this video report by SCMP:

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20 Indian Soldiers Killed In “Violent Face-Off” With Chinese Forces On Disputed Border

The incident marks the first deadly clash in decades between the two countries.

  • A "violent face-off" with the Chinese troops have resulted to the death of 20 members of the Indian Armed Forces.
  • The incident happened on the disputed Himalayan border.
  • An editor on China's state-run newspaper warned that their country does not "fear" clash with India.

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Black Pastor Attacked By White Family, Ends Up Getting Arrested After Calling 911 For Help

The family threatened to kill him, telling him “his Black life didn’t matter.”

  • Pastor Leon McCray ended up getting arrested after he reported a white family for verbally and physically assaulting him.
  • He was arrested for brandishing a gun, which he said he did only as an act of self-defense when his life was threatened by a family of five.
  • The sheriff eventually issued an apology to McCray, releasing him, dropping the charge and arresting his attackers.

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China Reports 57 New Coronavirus Cases, Its Highest Daily Total in 2 Months

Beijing has entered “wartime emergency mode.”

  • Thirty-six of the new cases were local transmissions in the country's capital.
  • An outbreak was discovered at Xinfadi market in south Beijing.
  • Beijing enters a "wartime emergency mode."

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