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These Incredibly Realistic Cakes Will Have You Reaching for More Or Puking Your Guts Out





There are cakes and there are cakes…and there are delectable confections that are so astonishingly realistic, you’ll actually do several double takes to make sure they’re for real.

Katherine Dey is a nurse from upstate New York who has turned her spectacular sense of detail into eerily terrifying cakes that are as meticulous as they are ridiculous.

Behind that pretty face lies the brain of a freakily creative genius

cake 7

The RN’s mastery of anatomy, both animal and human, has stood her in good stead with her often bizarre creations.

Roadkill possum, anyone?

cake 6

Dey says she is inspired by a great number of things, particularly when she comes upon something that looks so real, but actually isn’t.

She also takes particular pride in concocting what appear to be vomit-inducing confections that actually taste delicious.

Like this decapitated head, for instance…

cake 5

Whether her masterpieces include pieces of human or animal anatomy, mushrooms, or portraiture, each cake she bakes and decorates are elaborate in their detailing, allowing anyone to see how Dey herself sees them.

Dey also says the most difficult thing about her hobby is the time and effort she spends ensuring her creations don’t easily fall apart, despite their intricate and realistic detail.

Like this flea drinking its fill.

cake 4

But what she often looks forward to are people’s reactions, which invariably turn out to be strong ones. They are either excited, or disgusted, and making existing and potential clients feel two polarizing things at once makes her enjoy her work all the more.

One thing’s for sure, though. No one who has beheld her cakes has ever refused a bite. They’re that delicious.

…because they’ve been made with lots of heart.

cake 3

Dey is currently making a tutorial video on how she creates her masterpieces. Maybe someday, someone somewhere will take up her very interesting hobby, too.

cake 2

H/T: Buzzfeed

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