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In Scotland, There’s a Cleaning Service Featuring Nude Maids





What’s even better than someone else cleaning your house? Why, it’s someone cleaning your house while they are totally naked!

After hearing of a such service operating in the U.S., Victoria Murphy from Edinburgh decided to launch Glimmer, her own “special” cleaning service, in which her staff performs her duties in different states of undress.

“Indulge your inner hedonist,” the company’s website said. “Glimmer turns the mundane into something magical – Scotland’s most exciting adult brand offers a unique approach to tackling your household chores.”

“From cleaning services to party hosting and more, Glimmer does it all with a twist …and a wink!”
Murphy quit her job as a beautician and actually gave nude cleaning a try before employing her naked cleaners.
She currently has 15 people working for her, 3 of them men.

She charges between £55 ($71) and £75 ($98) an hour for their cleaning service.

Interestingly, Murphy’s family and friends are very supportive of her raunchy business. She revealed that more than 100 people applied for the job. She plans to capitalize on her success and expand her operations in other cities in Scotland, such as Aberdeen or Glasgow. She plans to eventually expand to the rest of the UK.

“I knew I wanted something in that adult niche which would be fun and risqué but not extreme. We are not an escort service. What we offer is fun and flirty. When I did it for a while, I had a laugh and nothing untoward happened. None of my staff ever have to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with. The client will choose the option they prefer and I will match the cleaner to that choice,” Murphy said.

“I do spend a lot of time explaining to people that this is a serious cleaning business, too. We clean to a very high standard. Most people ask what the client does while the cleaner is working. They imagine they just sit there while the cleaner puts on a show, but that’s not what we do.”

“A lot of clients have never done anything like this before and are often quite shy. So the cleaner will chat and engage with them, but, most importantly, they’ll get on with the job of cleaning the house.”

“The most important thing is that someone has professional cleaning experience. Then they need to have a good personality, because engaging with the client, chatting to them and feeling comfortable being naked is all part of what makes someone right for this role.

“We have male cleaners available but women asking for men isn’t something that comes up a lot. We’re definitely trying to work on that side of things and build it up.”

Interested? You can visit Glimmer’s official website or check out their official Twitter account.

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