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Science Has Finally Revealed The Ideal Manhood Size – And It’s Smaller Than You Think

So, what’s your number?

The size of a man’s penis has been a hot topic among women. There is just no way of knowing what the “perfect” size would be but scientists have already looked into this matter to find out the size considered by many women as acceptable. Good news for most guys — it’s not that big.

To arrive at their findings, a team of scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Mexico 3D-printed 33 models of penises in different sizes. The models were based on variations on the average length of an erect American penis, which is six inches, and a circumference of five inches.

Scientists wanted to find out what women think is the ideal penile size.

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Having 3D models would help women accurately pinpoint the right size instead of relying on 2D models. The researchers then wanted to find out if women have different preferences for penile size when it comes to long-term relationships and one-night stands.

They used 3D-printed models of penises based on the average length of an erect phallus of an American.

Scientists wanted to discover if women’s size preferences would vary based on one-night stands and long-term relationships.

The study, the results of which appeared in the journal PLOS One, enlisted 75 female participants, who were asked to select from the 3D models the penile size they prefer for one night stand and the size they want their long-term partners to have. To the comfort of men, women tend to think that size matters when sex is just a casual encounter, according to the study.

As for the numbers, the study revealed that women on average prefer men to have a dick size of 6.4 inches with 5 inches circumference. This size, though, is what women would want to deal with during casual sex.

The study tells us that women prefer to have larger sizes when it's just casual sex.

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On the other hand, women would prefer an average penile length of 6.3 inches and circumference of 4.8 inches if they are looking at long-term relationships. Overall, women prefer a size that’s smaller than the average.

Women prefer a size that's smaller than average from a long-term partner.

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This shows the average penile length in different countries.

Although women have admitted breaking things off with their partners because of their unimpressive penile length, size was never the most important factor. According to a separate study, women would look first at the overall appeal of the penis; next is the appearance of pubic hair in the genital areas; third is the girth. Size or length was only rated as the sixth most important aspect of a “good looking penis.”

So for men who are insecure, the new study should be able to change the way you think about women caring only more about size. As for those who are wondering what the normal size of an erect phallus is, British scientists have identified them to be 5.2 inches. The average girth of an erect manhood is 4.6 inches.

h/t: Medical News Today, Mail Online


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