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Hundreds Of People Gathered To Say “Wow” Like Owen Wilson


For bigtime Hollywood movies, some actors are remembered for the lines they said. However, for veteran actor Owen Wilson, there is just one word that most people associate him with – “Wow”.

In honor of the actor, a Facebook page called Owen Wilson Wowposting posted an event dubbed as the “Say Wow Like Owen Wilson At Federation Square”.

In this event, people across Melbourne, Australia gathered together to say the iconic "Wow" in unison.

Source: Den of Geek

True enough, people really turned out during the event held at the Melbourne’s Federation Square. Hundreds of people came together to honor the actor and they said “Wow” together.

While the event did not have the 5,000 attendees like the Facebook page stated, there was a surprising amount of people who showed up. Indeed, his legacy was immortalized during the event even though some said it would never happen. The Australians who stormed the grounds proved the doubters wrong.

A day before the event, the Facebook page’s admin posted that the event will definitely push through.

“To clear up any doubt, this event is 100% going ahead!! And it’s going to be an absolute blast! I’m gonna be at Fed Square at 6 pm holding this sign (wowstick)!”

And he did show up with this wowstick!

Watch how the people who gathered said “Wow” together below:

[fbvideo id=”1625897970797359″]

Many said that even though the event was first dubbed as pointless, the mere fact that many people joined is something inspiring. This means that when you want to bring people together, you can.

One thinks that the event was inspiring and well-organized.

Another user said that the event shows how people can come together for a cause.

This man believes that the Aussies has wowed the world.

Owen Wilson is a Hollywood actor popular for his comedy films.

Source: Hollywood

He is known for his quirky roles in movies such as “The Wedding Crashers”, “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Inherent Vice”. He played alongside his friend Ben Stiller in the movie “Meet The Parents”, “Zoolander” and Starsky & Hutch”.

If you’re wondering how Wilson says the word “Wow” in his films, watch the compilation below:

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