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Gut Feelings Are Results Of ‘Wi-Fi’ That Connects Human Brains, Scientist Claims





Gut feelings allow people to know certain things, even if they can’t explain where this idea comes from. As a result, some individuals avoid a certain person, event or place, just because they think something bad will happen.

This intuition, however, has no scientific explanation, not until now. Professor Digby Tantam, a professor of psychotherapy at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, says that he might have uncovered the answer to the cause of gut feelings, as written in his new book titled, Interbrain.

The brains are wired or interconnected.

Source: Pixabay

He thinks that human brains are wired through a type of “wi-fi” connection, which allows people to pick up more information about others than they are aware of. This means that language only plays a part in human communication. There is more to how humans communicate than just talking or listening. He believes that the brains of humans are interconnected and can communicate with each other, non-verbally.

This happens with the help of micro-signals that may unveil what another person is thinking.

Prof. Tantam said:

“We can know directly about other people’s emotions and what they are paying attention to.”

“It is based on the direct connection between our brains and other people’s and between their brain and ours. I call this the interbrain.”

It’s the reason why people gather together.

Source: Pixabay

He further explained the interbrain people have is the main reason why individuals from various walks of life are drawn to gatherings or feel the need to come in huge crowds in concerts or sports events. Also, it might be the same reason why people on public transport like the train find it hard to maintain eye contact while commuting.

Moreover, this may also explain why laughter is infectious.

Professor Tantam also says that a lot of the micro-signals may be linked to the sense of smell. When there are small changes in a person’s chemistry, it could emit particles showing some of their emotions, like lust, fear, and others.

He also warns that the use of electronic forms of communication like video calls or phone calls can interrupt the interbrain process and may become harmful. The internet connection may be blamed for why people have become more introverted and complicated.

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