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500 Acrobats Form Giant Human Christmas Tree At Nanjing Youth Olympics





This amazing video has been making rounds on the interwebs lately and I knew I just had to write about it.

This awesome footage shows 500 people performing together at the opening ceremony of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. It’s actually just 8 minutes in length but to be honest, I could watch this all day!

I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s really mind-blowing. I’m sure this act took a lot of time to practice and perfect.

500 acrobats and dancers formed a gigantic human Christmas tree.

human-crhsitmas-tree-acrobats 1

Photo credit: YouTube

The performance took place in Nanjing, China last year, August 16, during the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games. In the darkened stadium, the acrobats and dancers took center stage.

The acrobats were suspended up in the air with the aid of cable wires.

human-crhsitmas-tree-acrobats 2

Photo credit: YouTube

Using cable wires, the acrobats did impressive stunts and dance moves while they floated in the air. The choreography was flawless!

Additionally, perfectly-timed lighting effects and fireworks further enhanced the show.

human-crhsitmas-tree-acrobats 4

Photo credit: YouTube

The lighting effects and the fireworks added to the overall beauty of the unique presentation. The crowd couldn’t help but clap non-stop during and after the stunning performance. Even Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was also in attendance, showed great appreciation for the extraordinary act.

You can watch the performance here:

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I am absolutely astonished!

I missed this on the news when it happened last year but thanks to the internet, the video found new life once again. And hey, it’s just perfectly in time for the Christmas season. So be sure to share this with your friends!


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