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Shop Owner Saw This Homeless Man as Nuisance – Until He Suddenly Went Missing.

Ann Moises





As human beings, we have an innate tendency to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We’ll do everything to keep them safe. Even animals behave this way.

We also instinctively protect our territories, especially if we’ve worked hard to obtain them. As the fruit of our hard labor, we naturally don’t want it to be defiled, so we tend to get rid of anything around it that are unsightly, right?

So what would you do if you see a dirty, smelly homeless person in your territory? Moreso, to find him in a place that you have to keep neat and beautiful so you can attract customers?

In the video, a store owner pushes the roll-up door of his establishment to find a filthy, homeless man sleeping in front of it every day.


Instead of asking him to leave nicely, the store owner does cruel things to make him feel like he was nothing but a worthless nuisance— an unsightly “object” that must be removed. The store owner treated him like he’s not a human being capable of emotions.

His own daughter and the lady next door have witnessed how harsh he was to the poor guy.

Then, one day the poor guy just disappeared.

Days passed, but there was still no sign of him. The store owner looked at the spot where the homeless man usually slept and wondered…

“Where is he?”

The woman next door said, “He’s long gone.”

Puzzled, he remembered that he has a CCTV camera installed in front of his store, and decided to review the footages for the very first time.

Aside from his problem with the homeless man, nothing bad really ever happens to his store, so it seemed like he never needed to check the footages. But when he did, he discovered something that broke his heart, and ultimately changed his view about him.

What happened to the homeless man?

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