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Creepy But Socially Relevant Film Depicts The Reality of Plastic Surgery in South Korea





A short film produced in South Korea depicts the challenging situation in a modern society where people are expected to meet certain physical standards to become accepted. It shows how plastic surgery has been wholeheartedly embraced as the means to achieve belongingness – a practice that has become so rampant that it has turned into a norm.

In the following video, you will see In Hyung, a young South Korean girl, wishing to undergo plastic surgery so she can look like everyone else.

Watch the film:

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In a culture consumed by vanity, those who do not fit in with the set standards of physical appearance can not help but feel isolated. They get pushed towards the edge of desperation and are left with no other choice but to adhere to what the society dictates to avoid being bereft of a company – norms to which they heedlessly conform to regardless of how grave the consequences may be.

How many In Hyungs are out there?

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