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A Woman Builds Little Street Pantry to Give Free Food & Goodies to the Needy

What act of kindness have you done today?


It started with Little Free Libraries, now it gave birth to Little Street Pantry, a small storage in the middle of the streets full of food and other goodies for the needy. Jessica Mcclard was fascinated with the idea of the free books scattered around the area and so, she came up with a concept of creating a small food cupboard in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The Thrivent Financial supported Mcclard’s project by giving her an initial $250 to build her very first free pantry near to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Fortunately, the project became a huge success. It now has thousands of fans on Facebook and has been an inspiration to many to do the same type of kindness in South Fayetteville and Ardmore, Oklahoma.


“My feeling is little free structures both create space for neighborliness and address social problems.”

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Doing an act of kindness with Little Street Pantry is too simple. Anyone can take anything they want from the storeroom and anyone can put any kinds of goodies for everyone.

“Books nourish. Food nourishes.”


And the results of the project are stunning. Mcclard sees a quick turnover of basic necessities, foods, toiletries and other items in the small pantry.


Peanut butter and jelly, feminine hygiene products and diapers are in demand.


Mcclard even told Huffington Post that bread and vegetables are some of the most sought after products from the little cupboard.


And as the box full of goods is also near an elementary school, Mcclard also loves to stock it with other things kids surely love, like crayons, papers and much more.


“On the last day before summer vacation, I tied balloons to the top and stocked the box with bubbles, jump ropes and candy necklaces.”

The Little Free Pantry group praying for their project


“I encourage people to [build their own pantries]. They’ll be amazed at how much more the project gives back than they give to it.”

Want to do a little act of kindness? Be Little Pantry’s partner today — click here.


Fitness Blogger Shows Why You Should Stop Obsessing About The Number On Your Scale

We can all learn something from this woman…

The number on your scales isn't all that. They're sometimes too good too be true, and they're not exactly how you should measure your fitness and your health.

Kelsey Wells, a 26-year old fitness blogger and interior designer, has showed her Instagram followers that the number on the scales shouldn't be the basis for how people see their bodies. Previously, the My Sweat Life blogger posted a reminder on her Instagram about how one's weight isn't something that shows one's health.

The fitness blogger's aforementioned Instagram post


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This Man Devoted His Life to Burying Aborted Babies And Rescuing Hundreds For 15 Years

He’s showing us all what the art of selflessness is all about.

Vietnamese building contractor Tong Phuoc Phuc became a miracle worker by accident. In 2001, he accompanied his wife to a hospital. While he waited for her, he noticed several pregnant women going to another room. When the women came out of the room, they were no longer pregnant. Yet, they were not carrying babies.

Tong was horrified when he realized that the women had undergone abortion. Still, he didn't judge these women. He knew they were driven by desperate circumstances.

However, Tong's heart broke for the aborted babies. So, he asked Vietnamese authorities to allow him to bury the aborted babies. Fortunately, they granted his selfless request.

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This Sweet-Looking 11-Year-Old Girl Is Actually A Badass Olympic Weightlifter

And I don’t even exercise regularly. LOL!

If you are not impressed with what this little kid can do, I really don’t know what else will.

You see, Elle Hatamiya is an 11-year-old girl from California who, despite her tender age, is already an Olympic weightlifter. She holds the title of being the USAW (United States of America Weighlifting) National Champion.

Mindblowing, right?

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