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Homeless Dog Wanders to a House and Chooses a Family to Adopt Her

She’s finally found a home and a family she can call her own.


We bet you’ll love this dog too if you were the family that adopted her!

Every day, this sweet little brown dog visited the home of one family. She was always patiently waiting at their doorstep, eager for the treat and love she knows she’ll receive from the kids. Over time, the family realized that their daily furry visitor had no home to go back to and was, in her own charming way, asking them to adopt her.

Despite having dogs of their own, they couldn’t resist taking the sweet dog in!

Watch this video and fall in love with the adorable canine:

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What’s so fascinating about this story, though, is that the dog chose his home, and not the other way around. Such an interesting story! Nevertheless, we’re happy for the pup – she’s finally found a home and a family she can call her own.

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Source: Life with Dogs


Viral Video: Crocodile in Thailand Snaps Mouth Shut on Man’s Head!

An experienced animal trainer in Thailand makes one mistake that leads to a crocodile snapping its jaws shut on his head.

People are amazed by those who can handle a dangerous animal such as a crocodile. However, they shouldn't forget that lives are at risk when a powerful animal is involved.

Thus, it's not surprising that videos featuring encounters with fierce creatures will always be interesting to people. These scary interactions serve as timeless warnings to everyone.

This guy had his head inside a crocodile's mouth!

This guy had his head inside a crocodile's mouth!

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Eight-Year-Old Girl Rushed to Surgery After Spider Bites a Hole in Her Hand

Warning: disturbing images ahead…

Spiders normally aren’t anything to be scared of. Unless you happen to be Little Miss Muffet. Or you live in Australia. Or you’re this little girl from the UK who had to undergo surgery after a spider took a chunk off her hand.

Eight-year-old Abbie Kinnaird was rushed to the hospital for surgery and a skin graft after a brown recluse spider decided her left hand looked like a tasty snack.

Still reeling from her painful experience.


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Heroic Cat Rescues Hiker Lost in the Swiss Alps

This furry feline guided the lost tourist home through the snowy forest.

Cats are typically solitary animals, preferring to keep to themselves rather than socialize with humans. In fact, humans can sometimes have a hard time earning their cats’ affections. These creatures appear to play hard-to-get most often than not.

So it comes as a surprise to one particular human when he was inadvertently saved by a “herioc” cat as he wandered lost in the mountains of Switzerland.

A Reddit user who goes by the handle sc4s2cg was a tourist hiking in the Swiss Alps not so long ago. Trekking not far from a village named Gimmewald, he suddenly found himself lost in the woods.

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