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His Sister Repeatedly Pulled the SAME Prank on Him! He Keeps Falling For It…





Life without humor is not a life at all. Humor simply lightens the burden of life like stress at work, problem with family and issues with love. Sometimes, it also makes the healing process faster for those who are unwell. Whether you like it or not, life is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. No matter how difficult life is, learn how to smile and laugh. Anyway, it is for free!

Speaking about humor, nothing can beat a sweet practical joke on our siblings. It might be annoying, but it will definitely make you laugh and smile. And if ever there is a chance to pull an epic prank to your brother and sister, take that moment and it will surely be a whole lot of fun. A word of advice, record the whole thing so that from time to time you can always watch it and laugh at it all over again. It will never get old. Just like what happened in this video. The girl compiled all the pranks that she pulled to her brother. What really made it so hilarious was how her brother consistently fell for the same kind of prank. His reaction was really funny because he always didn’t see it coming.

Watch the funny video:

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