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40 Seemingly-Normal Photos That Actually Hide Hilarious Oddities





We see interesting images everyday on mobile phones and computer screens. Some of these images may seem normal and ordinary to look at. But if you look intently at them you would find it strange or plain hilarious.

That’s exactly what’s going on in the following photos below. You won’t notice something creepy or strange in each and every picture unless you look at them them closely. Some of these photos were taken candidly while some were intentional. Regardless of how they are captured by the camera, you’ll certainly find these photos fascinating.

Make sure to check these images out carefully. By the time you’ll find it, you’ll feel a little freaked out or be in the mood to suddenly crack a smile.


Something's itchy here.


It's prom night. Who's dating who?


Don't bother to wear your pants, this is just for your ID.


Great! No one's running around. Let's take a picture.


Cool socks huh.


Is that grandma's bikini?


i don't think this girl has four legs.


Oops! Forgot to zip that?


Save him now or else!






Two heads are better than one.


Washed out or camouflaged?


Psst! Who's  that?


Can I join too?


Wow! That's a handful.


I'm thinking with my toes.


Hmmm, this is smells good.


Now, that's a sexy cleavage there guys.


I'm pretty sure that's a hand.


This kid is having a great time.


Those knees might be rubber.


What are you doing?


I surrender!


Look! It's a close up shot.


A selfie with the stalker.


Tell me what you're holding.


Is that the kid's hand or daddy's hand?




Nice name tag,


You gotta be kidding me.




That spider is not real right? right?


Do you mind if I join this trio?


Let's do a head count.




Gather around big boys.


More booze for her.


This girl must be a shy type.


Find the hidden visitor...

Some of the images were not easy to figure out, that I have to sit and stare intently for few minutes to find the oddities. I hope you had fun finding them all, too.

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