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Carpenter Creates Warped and Cracked Dressers That Looks Straight Out of Wonderland

These cabinets look like they belong in a Tim Burton movie!

  • A woodworker is going viral for his interesting and strange creations.
  • The man creates awesomely twisted cabinets that look like they came from Wonderland.
  • Although the dressers look broken, they are actually fully functional!

Are you looking for something that would make your home look more interesting? You may want to check out the works of a talented carpenter who creates strange yet beautiful cabinets. The dressers appear warped and cracked and look like they came straight out of Wonderland!

Henk Verhoeff is a woodworker based in Auckland, New Zealand who has his own unique style of making cabinets. Instead of coming up with classic dressers with straight lines, Verhoeff’s creations appear to be cracked and twisted as if they came from a Tim Burton movie. Not surprisingly, people are loving the cabinets and couldn’t wait to get their hands on Verhoeff’s unique woodworks.

Verhoeff with one of his warped dressers.

Verhoeff’s works went viral after his daughter shared pictures of the cabinets on Facebook. Since then, the woodworker has been getting requests for more awesomely twisted dressers.

There is little doubt that Verhoeff’s works are hard to replicate. When asked about his style, the woodworker explained that he wanted to create something different. “I describe my style of furniture as broken and weird. I like making weird furniture, something that you don’t see in a shop,” Verhoeff said.

Verhoeff’s works might be twisted but they are fully functional.

As interesting as these cabinets appear, they are also functional. However, it does take a lot of work to create something that’s both strange-looking and functional.

“It’s hard to say how long each piece takes me. It’s unset times during the week and it could easily be 80-100 hours. Sometimes details or angles don’t work and I have to start again.” Verhoeff said.

Are you interested in getting one of Verhoeff’s cool and warped cabinets? Go head over to his official Facebook page.


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