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Heartbreaking Moment Dog Refuses to Leave His ‘Friend’ in the Middle of a Street





If you love dogs, then let us warn you first that the footage below will break your heart into pieces. However, we ask you to be courageous enough to watch it, for in these kinds of videos, we all learn something valuable about ourselves and how we deal with those around us—be it humans or animals.

Sadly, in the clip posted by Veganism is the Future, you’ll see a dog lying in the middle of a busy road. The poor pup was run over by vehicle, apparently. And while the person responsible for the accident probably just took off without taking a moment to check the mutt’s condition, a compassionate dog refuses to leave him there.


You’ll hear the pooch whimper as he tries to move the lifeless body of his friend from the street and towards the pavement. And even in that state, he stops when cars pass by and rests his own body on top of the other dog as if to protect him from further harm.

It’s truly upsetting.

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Most of us are no stranger to tragedy. We see and hear heartbreaking news on televisions and in the papers daily. Some have even experienced misfortunes first hand. But knowing how it feels to be miserable and helpless, how many of us would stop to help those in need?

Does this film prove that dogs are often more humane than us humans?

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