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Pervert Guy Secretly Films Her Pretty Legs But Stupidly Leaves the Flash On!





Perverts will do anything and everything just to watch (and take photos and videos), and technology has made it effortlessly easy for them to indulge in their disgusting habits. But technology can also become their downfall if not used correctly. Take this dude, for example.

He was attempting to take a video of the woman sitting opposite him at a public passenger vehicle. He was discreetly moving his smartphone to get a better angle of what’s between her sexy legs, but he failed to notice that the flash on the camera is on, making the deed too darn obvious. The woman noticed it right away and called him on it.

Watch the video and see how he got owned big time!

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“Kuya, baka gusto mong tanggalin yung flash.” (Hey Mr, you might want to turn off the flash.)

The expression on the dude’s face is PRICELESS.

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