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Burglars Armed with Guns in Hospital after Victim Hacked Them with a Samurai Sword

A man defended his home in Argentina from four armed burglars, wielding a Samurai sword against their guns.


Four burglars armed with guns broke into the house of 49-year-old Dias Costa in the Cerro Norte neighborhood of Cordoba, in central Argentina, to steal money and valuables but they all ended up in the ICU after the enraged homeowner fought back.

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Costa and his wife, Christina, were rudely awakened by these thieving youngsters who threatened them with a gun.

Then, when the attackers turned back to pillaging their home, the quick-thinking victim took a decorative samurai sword off its display case and began hacking at the shocked burglars.

The wounded burglars were forced to seek medical help


Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

Despite having guns in their person, the bewildered guys were defeated and had to run away with just $400 in cash, confirms Police commissioner Mariano Zarate.

The getaway car slams to a tree as disoriented driver lost too much blood

Armed Burglars Attacked With Samurai Sword

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

They took off in a Peugeot 206 car which later hit a tree because the driver was disoriented after losing too much blood.

The burglars abandoned their escape vehicle after the crash

Armed Burglars Attacked With Samurai Sword

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

All four bungling thieves were apprehended but the police had to bring them to the hospital for treatment.

With the wounds they sustained, these thugs are lucky to be alive

Armed Burglars Attacked With Samurai Sword

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK
Bleeding profusely, this burglar clearly met his match

Armed Burglars Attacked With Samurai Sword

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK
The suspects had a hard time escaping because they were all heavily wounded

Armed Burglars Attacked With Samurai Sword

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

The culprits lost too much blood and all were later moved to the ICU, reports Daily Mail UK.

One of the burglars’ wounds


Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

Despite winning the battle with the thieves, Costa and his wife had to leave their home as they were afraid of revenge attacks. Meanwhile, Prosecutor Jorgelina Guties admitted they could not question Costa for the self-defense act as he was still in a state of shock.

Still, the thieves had learned a valuable lesson aside from not stealing in other people’s homes: do not mess with a guy who owns a Samurai sword!

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Sources: Daily Mail UK, Gawker


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