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Groom’s Drunk Dad Forcibly Kisses The Bride In Front Of All The Guests

This is so awkward…


A wedding is the most sacred and memorable day for any couple. It’s a day for their families to bond and it showcases the giving away of the bride to the groom’s family.

During the wedding, utmost respect is shown to the newlyweds since it’s their special day. It’s a day that marks the change that will happen in their lives forever. In a viral wedding video in China, however, the drunk dad of the groom created a scandal during the reception.

He forcibly kissed his son's bride on the runway, in front of all the wedding guests.

The incident happened at a wedding banquet in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, China. In the video, the old man can be seen walking on the runway with the bride. The bride can be seen looking uncomfortable since the older man is already drunk.

His arms are around the bride's shoulder.

The bride tried to walk faster than her father-in-law.

The bride tried to escape the drunk man, but he pulled her close to him and suddenly kissed her on the lips, holding her body tight as she tries to break free.

The guests can be heard shouting for the man to stop and the DJ even called him out. The bride’s furious family attacked the drunk man on the stage.

Watch the viral video below:

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As result, reports have said that the two families are in an awkward relationship today. The couple’s relationship also suffered because of the video going viral.

The family, however, pleaded the netizens to stop sharing the video, which was watched on Chinese social media more than 30 million times.

They said:

“We didn’t expect the incident to take such a negative turn. The two families are now in an awkward position and the newly-weds have suffered because of it too.”

“The father-in-law, who was given too much to drink on his son’s big day, deeply regrets his actions. We ask social media users to stop sharing the videos and let our family sort this out privately.”

“We do not wish to become famous, nor do we want to become the butt of every person’s joke. Had this happened in your family, would you be sharing it like this?”


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