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Groom Dedicates Heartwarming Song As Bride Walks Down The Aisle





A woman’s wedding day is the most important day of her life. Cliche be told but it is indeed a fact. Walking down the aisle is probably the most anticipated moment of the said event, as this signifies a woman’s last walk as a single lady, and her entrance to the married world. On top of that, this is her chance to really feel pretty and flaunt what is potentially the best dress of her life.

But for this groom, all the glitz of the bridal walk is not enough to show how special her bride is. He stood up during the entourage entrance and started singing his heart out. It was a very touching moment, as we felt the sincerity of each and every word sang by the groom. This lucky bride is definitely special for the groom to pull this wonderful number. But of course, we think that the woman is even more lucky as it is not everyday that we get to see a man belt out a mushy tune in public to show his love.

Watch the touching video here:

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