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Because He “Couldn’t Get Her Dress Off”, Groom Beats His Bride on Their Wedding Night

She was beaten by her husband just a few hours after their fairy-tale wedding for very strange reason.


Domestic violence isn’t very uncommon among couples these days. In fact, we see disturbing cases on newspapers, television, and even on social media almost everyday. However, attacks during the wedding night is definitely one for the books.

Amy Dawson, a 22-year-old bride, was attacked and beaten by her husband just a few hours after their fairytale wedding for a strange reason: he couldn’t take her dress off.

Photo credit: The Daily Mail UK

Apparently, her short-tempered husband Gavin Golightly got extremely annoyed after failing to unzip her wedding gown. The 29-year-old tattoo artist turned to his wife, pinned her down on the floor, sat on her, and began punching her on the face.

The helpless bride sustained a cut on the eyebrow as well as bruises on her face and chest.


Photo credit: The Daily Mail UK

According to Dawson, Golightly left the room after the attack. But it wasn’t the end of it since he returned and continued beating her.

Luckily, Dawson was able to escape the brutality of her new husband. She and the hotel porter called the police to have Golightly arrested.

Meanwhile, Golightly claimed that he had been drugged during that time so he had no recollection of his attack. Still, he pleaded guilty to assault at Peterlee Magistrates Court and was sentenced for a 12-month community order. In addition, he also received a restraining order.

Photo credit: The Daily Mail UK

Dawson has already filed for divorce from her former sweetheart.

Photo credit: The Daily Mail UK

We’re definitely wondering why Golightly found a hard time undoing his bride’s dress. According to a report by The Daily Mail UK, Dawson’s gown had a crochet hook that will unfasten the buttons. Well, it seemed Golightly didn’t want to use it.

Source: The Daily Mail UK


To Induce Labor, Pregnant Mom Dances to “Thriller”

She’s got the moves!


To Induce Labor, Pregnant Mom Dances to “Thriller”

When a pregnant mom reaches her due date, she experiences an irresistible urge and excitement to pop the baby she has been carrying for 9 months.

This is what the 40-weeks pregnant Bonnie Northsea  felt when attempted to induce labor in a very strange way.

Dancing to the tune of “Thriller”, the mother from Florida gave a whole new take to the iconic song of the late King of Pop.

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Family SHOCKS Everyone When They Did THIS On The Subway! OMG!

According to organizers, the hilarious event is meant to be a positive thing to make people laugh and smile.

It was just a typical day for a subway ride until a bunch of “hippies” started dropping their pants off! Nope they are not yet on the limbo nor did they take that crack. They’re the Improv Everywhere (IE), a comedy group who nailed the “No Pants Subway Ride”. So why did they do it? Simple. Make a good laugh out of dropping their pants and flaunt their best undies and boxers while riding the subway in New York.

With the disturbing growth of negativity almost worldwide, blossoming gimmicks and pranks are very rampant nowadays. It was at the year 2002 when Charlie Todd, founder of the IE that their “epidemia” became contagious and went hilariously outrageous. Starting with only a few number now runs with a digit of 4,000 followers primarily in New York alone. The same stunt is now being practiced in 60 cities in over 25 countries.

Kevin Mitra, a Filipino-American among the strippers believes in the concept of IE and quoted “If you ride the subway on a regular day you will see grim faces and the concept of the No Pants Subway Ride is to bring a little joy, bring a little humor and hilarity to the daily lives of people who ride the subway.”

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The Mysterious Case of Jean Hilliard Who Recovered After Freezing Solid at -22ºF

“Her body was cold, completely solid, just like a piece of meat out of a deep freeze. I can’t explain why she’s alive” – Dr. George Sather

It was after a reckoning icy storm when Wally Nelson found a 19-year-old woman identified as Jean Hilliard frozen to death outside his home. Nelson was on his way out when he noticed the human body covered with ice. The woman was frozen to death but completely recovered back to life miraculously. Doctors seem to have no explanation whatsoever of how she made it, but the story is legit.

Jean Hilliard was driving home in Lengby, Minnesota after visiting a friend. There was a heavy downpour of snow on that day of December 20, 1980. Hilliard's car skidded on an icy road and lost control into a ditch. Luckily, she was unhurt from the accident.

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