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This Grandma Was Just Making Dinner, But When Her Song Comes on? I’m Cracking Up!

She was minding her own business, when her favorite tune started playing.


Just like any most grandmothers, she found happiness in cooking and preparing meals for her children and grandchildren. But what made her different among the rest was she definitely remembered her hippy life.

She was merely preparing a meal but when the iconic Vanilla Ice classic “Ice Ice Baby” was played, she seemingly transformed herself just like a hippie in 1990’s. She has the coolest dance moves! She started making some of her own dance moves attuned to the rhythm of the music like stirring the pot and tapping her toes. And wait a little longer until she started banging her head. She surely knew her music. She basically turned the whole kitchen into a dance floor!

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I’m glad I’ve watched this groovy grandmother. She just made my day!

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20 Unexpected Things Pope Francis did that Make Him so AWESOME!

If you can’t admit Pope Francis is awesome, there is either something wrong with you or you’re not paying attention.


Pope Francis is considered the Pope with many firsts. He is the first Pope who uses the name Francis; He is the first Pope who hails from Latin America; and he is the first Jesuit Pope. In just less than 2 years as the High Pontiff, he has already done so many wonderful and incredible acts which have captured the attention of different people from all over the world. These are people who are not only Catholics but also with other religions. In fact, he has immediately been named by the Time’s Magazine as the “Person of the Year” for 2013.

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Check out some few among many great things that he has done as the Successor of Peter and Head of the Catholic Church.

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Heartless Serial Killer Showed No Remorse Until An Old Man Said Some Powerful Words

A cold-hearted serial killer showed little to no emotion until an elderly man spoke on the podium.

It is not easy to understand one man who murdered as many as 60 women and yet remain unremorseful while their families and relatives talk about how they feel regarding the victims deaths.

The man who did these gruesome acts is Gary Leon Ridgway. He was raised in Salt Lake City but chose to live most of his life in the state of Utah. He was married thrice. Ridgway was also called as “The Green River Killer” because some of the bodies of his first victims were found along the area.

According to research, victims of Ridgway continue to turn up since this video was taken, however, he only pleaded guilty to the murders of 48 women who disappeared along Route 99, South King County, Washington. These horrible acts make him the biggest serial killer in the U.S history.

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Guy Does Jaw-Dropping Dance Moves On The Treadmill

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, i don’t know what will!

If you're looking for some motivation to start going to the gym, you might get inspired after watching this. A gym goer from Florida managed to dance up a storm on a treadmill. He's probably not even aware that he's being filmed.

Anyone at the gym hardly blinks an eye as he does the moonwalk, turns, and hops between different treadmills, it seems the most natural thing for him to do which suggests that his dance is probably a normal occurrence. He even makes it look effortless and very easy, I wouldn't blame him if the number of treadmill-related injuries will rise.

Watch the video here:

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