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She’s 61… And She’s Giving Birth to Her Own Daughter’s Son!

This wonderful grandma calls it “babysitting for 9 months.”


In vitro fertilization has made a lot of changes in the world today by allowing couples to conceive when they previously couldn’t via the traditional method. In 1978, the first test-tube baby named Louis Brown was born in England.

But humans did not stop at in vitro fertilization for the child’s parents because there were parents who could not physically bear a child, either for medical reasons or because both of them are males.

The technology has improved since then – and society has become more acquiescent to surrogacy now. For this reason, and for her unfathomable love for her daughter, a grandmother volunteered to become her own grandson’s surrogate mother.

Sara Connell and her husband Bill have tried to traditionally have a baby. However, Sara couldn’t successfully conceive and has lost babies due to multiple miscarriages, including a late-term pregnancy with twins. After the last miscarriage, it became evident that Sara could not carry her husband’s child. Thus, they thought of finding a surrogate. That was when Sara’s mom volunteered.

This wonderful grandma calls it “babysitting for 9 months” – and she absolutely loves doing it for baby Finn.

Watch their inspiring story here:

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A Mother Meets Her Daughter’s Killer In Court. What She Did Next Left Me In Tears. Unexpected!

A mother forgives her daughter’s killer in court. Why she did it will amaze you!

Being able to forgive is perhaps the bravest act one can do. Though it does not require extensive physical abilities, deciding to forgive can initially pinch the heart and puzzle the mind for long periods of time. Although we have heard some stories about forgiveness, we think the latest tale that we found can topple all the forgiveness stories that we have ever encountered.

Meet Ady Guzman-DeJesus, a mother whose daughter was killed two years ago due to a gunshot fired by her daughter's classmate, Jordyn Howe, inside the school bus. Two years after the accident, Ady and Jordyn faced each other again in court. During the proceedings, Ady did the most unexpected thing: she hugged Jordyn and offered a plea deal. It must be really hard for a parent to forgive the person who took away his/ her child, but Ady surprisingly mustered the guts to do it.

Jordyn accidentally shot Lourdes Guzman-De Jesus in November 2012, when Jordyn brought his stepfather's gun to school, and showed it to his friends at the Mimami-dade school bus. He then accidentally pulled the trigger and the bullet went straight towards Lourdes' neck, causing her death. Initially, Ady wanted a grave sanction for the young man but then she realized that fighting to cause another person's misery won't bring her daughter back. She finally decided to forgive her daughter's killer, and said she is now at peace. Ady asked the judge to reduce Jordyn's sentence, and suggested to have him travel with her on the road instead so she can lecture him about the dangers of guns.

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Poignant Story Of a Man Who Spent the Last 18 Years on the Road. The Reason Will Make You CRY.

A man has been on the road for 18 years and has traveled 400,000 kilometers, for a heartbreaking reason!

What could be more painful than saving the lives of others, but not being able to save or even find your own child? This is the 'tear-jerking' story of a man who spent the last 18 years on the road searching for his missing son.

Guo Gantang's nightmare began on September 21, 1997, when his 2-year-old child was abducted at the front gate of his home in Liaocheng, Shandong Province in China. A middle-aged woman allegedly snatched Gantang's child. The 45-year-old father has been on the road since then, dedicated to finding his son. He has traveled over 400,000 kilometers to almost all parts of China, wearing out ten motorcycles in the process.

During his quest, Guo has helped dozens of missing kids by returning them to their families safely. However, he has not been able to find his own son. Nonetheless, he remains hopeful that he will be reunited with Guo Zhen. For him, giving up is not an option.

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He Bought a New House. But What He Discovered in the Basement Gave Him The CREEPS!

Something scary is lurking in the basement of his new house.

Buying a new house is both an overwhelming and exciting experience, especially if it's your dream home that we're talking about. This was exactly what Redditor Colintendo felt when he purchased his new home a few years ago. He couldn't wait to finally move in, but the new house still needs some repairs.

He was working on the basement one day when he found something disturbing. He noticed that a portion of the basement floor was slightly raised, so he decided to investigate. What he found creeped him out.

Hiding under the floor was a well. It was something that he did not want to be a part of the house that he dreamt to have. All he wanted to do at that very moment was to move out immediately.

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