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She’s 61… And She’s Giving Birth to Her Own Daughter’s Son!





In vitro fertilization has made a lot of changes in the world today by allowing couples to conceive when they previously couldn’t via the traditional method. In 1978, the first test-tube baby named Louis Brown was born in England.

But humans did not stop at in vitro fertilization for the child’s parents because there were parents who could not physically bear a child, either for medical reasons or because both of them are males.

The technology has improved since then – and society has become more acquiescent to surrogacy now. For this reason, and for her unfathomable love for her daughter, a grandmother volunteered to become her own grandson’s surrogate mother.

Sara Connell and her husband Bill have tried to traditionally have a baby. However, Sara couldn’t successfully conceive and has lost babies due to multiple miscarriages, including a late-term pregnancy with twins. After the last miscarriage, it became evident that Sara could not carry her husband’s child. Thus, they thought of finding a surrogate. That was when Sara’s mom volunteered.

This wonderful grandma calls it “babysitting for 9 months” – and she absolutely loves doing it for baby Finn.

Watch their inspiring story here:

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