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Good News: The Ozone Layer Hole Is Recovering, Scientists Say

Job well done, humans!

Mark Andrew





Now here’s a positive news that will surely delight everyone. According to a recent report by scientists, the Antarctic ozone hole is starting to recover. It is also anticipated that by mid to late century, it should completely heal.

It should be noted, of course, that it has almost been thirty years since the 1987 Montreal Protocol, an international treaty, started a ban on the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). This meant chlorinated compounds in refrigerator coolants and aerosols have since been banned because scientists have discovered that the chemicals are causing serious damages to the ozone layer.

MIT atmospheric chemist Susan Solomon confirmed that the Antarctic ozone hole has started healing.

ozone layer healing 1

Susan Solomon, an atmospheric chemist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), couldn’t be happier about it.

In an interview with Gizmodo, she said:

“This is a reminder that when the world gets together, we really can solve environmental problems. I think we should all congratulate ourselves on a job well done.”

Watch the video here:

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Solomon, the lead author of a research published in Science, went in great details about convincing evidence that, yes, the Antarctic ozone hole is recovering and, if the trend continues, is headed towards long-term healing. It should also be noted that even experts who are not involved in the project are impressed with the recovery.

Experts anticipate that by mid or late century, the ozone hole will be fully recovered.

ozone layer healing 2

Susan Strahan, a NASA atmospheric chemist commented:

“This is the emergence of a trend.

“It’s important because I think a lot of people feel that environmental stories always have bad endings. In this case, the recovery will happen, but it’ll take time.”

Well, that’s just awesome. Good job, humans! We all deserve a pat on the back.

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Anki’s Cozmo Is A Cute A.I. Robot You Can Take Home For $180

Shut up and take my money!

Mark Andrew



We’ve all seen cute movie robots such as Wall-E, Baymax, and, most recently, BB-8. These bots are so adorable we sometimes wish we can take them home.

Well, our fantasies just turned to reality, thanks to Anki.

The toymaker just created Cozmo, a small robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). Although the Silicon Valley-based company has always been known for its mobile app-controlled race cars, the company is upgrading that image with the release of Cozmo.

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Filipino Guy Invents Device That Uses ‘Water Gasoline’ To Power Vehicles

Wow this is absolutely brilliant!

Mark Andrew



Filipino inventor Noli Dazo has been named ‘Outstanding Inventor of the Philippines’ for a good reason.

Besides, this guy has created something that will surely benefit his country or perhaps even other nations across the world. His invention is called the ‘Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen,’ a device that uses water – instead of gasoline or fuel – to power cars, motorcycle, trucks, and all types of vehicles.

Dazo’s invention is seen by many as a brilliant solution to the ever-increasing cost of fuel products. The possibilities are indeed endless, especially if he gets the support that he fully deserves.

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Intelligent Russian Robot To Be Scrapped Soon After Escaping High-Tech Lab Twice

I say do it soon – while you still can.

Mark Andrew



Weeks ago, we've heard that interesting news bit about Google taking measures towards preventing a potential robot apocalypse scenario.

Some people expressed negative reactions to this, saying the search engine giant is likely over-thinking things since, you know, stuff like that only happen in sci-fi movies, right?

Well listen up and you just might change your mind.

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