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We Only Have 10 Years To Save The Seas, Warns Experts





Here’s one news item we should all pay attention to – before it’s too late. The Global Oceanic Environmental Survey (GOES) Foundation, a charity group based in Edinburgh, is warning the world about the gravity of our sea pollution problem.

Marine biologist Dr Howard Dryden, who’s also the founder and chief scientific officer of the group, said that the world needs to take drastic action or we suffer the dire consequences – the “entire collapse of the entire marine ecosystem,” he said.

The clock is ticking… In fact, we only have 10 years!

Source: TheDailyStar

As Dr Dryden explained:

“We all talk about climate change and how we need to cut back on emissions to save the planet, but that will not address the problem quickly enough or even tackle the root cause of our climate crisis.

“We need to stop using plastic or allowing it or other chemical pollutants to enter the ecosystem.

“We only have around 10 years to effect change and eliminate not only plastic but priority toxic chemicals such as oxybenzone used in thousands of products from lipstick to sunscreen. If we do not achieve this task, then there will be a trophic cascade collapse of the entire marine ecosystem.”

Marine life would suffer further and millions of people could starve in the future if we don’t act now.

Source: NRDC

He likewise pointed out:

“We’ve already seen 80 large whales washed ashore in Scotland (in 2018). The chances are there were several hundred that were not discovered.

“If we allow the marine ecosystem to be destroyed, the terrestrial ecosystem will also fail a few years later.

“I find it hard believe this is actually happening, but it is a reality, and within the next 25 years we could lose the food supply for almost two million people and have runaway climate change.”

Another report from the foundation “predicts that numbers of whales, seals and seabirds will begin to crash over the next seven years,” according to Express.

“We cannot survive” if we don’t deal with the problem right away.

Dr Dryden also added:

“We have the next 10 years to get systems into place and stop polluting our environment. Failure to achieve this task is not an option. It’s not just about saving whales and dolphins – we cannot survive if we keep poisoning them.

“If we don’t address this, they will become too acidic and we’ll witness a cascade failure of the wider planetary ecosystem. Terrestrial life on earth will become impossible unless you have an oxygen tank on your back. At the current rates of decline, we will reach this tipping point any time in the next 25 years.

“I wish I could find a scientist who could counter argue my claim but, unfortunately, they all agree with me and I have raised this at both UK and United Nations level.

“To put it bluntly, if we do nothing to rectify the situation, we’re all stuffed.”

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