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6-Year-Old Girl Takes Care Of Paralyzed Father After Mother Abandons Them





Most six-year-olds spend their days playing with their friends and having fun with their family. However, one little girl is already the full-time caregiver of her paralyzed father. The child had to take on the responsibility after her mother decided to abandon them because of her husband’s disability.

Jia Jia of the Ningxia Province in China has been taking care of her bed-ridden father since her mother left them two years ago. The little girl would get up very early to massage her father’s muscles for around 30 minutes. She also feeds him, helps him brush his teeth, and moves him around using a home-made mobility hoist.

Little Jia Jia is truly her own father’s hero.

Source: Kuaishou

Other little girls would probably complain about having to care for a disabled person. However, Jia Jia says she is happy to help her father at his time of need.

“Looking after my dad, I don’t feel tired at all,” she said. Jia Jia is also a student who leaves her father with the care of her grandparents for most of the day. However, the little girl is always eager to go home and care for her dad.

Tian Haicheng, 40, is Jia Jia’s father. He reportedly had a car accident in March 2016 which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Jia Jia has never complained about having to care for her father.

Source: Kuaishou

Mr. Tian revealed that his wife left him just two months after his unfortunate accident. His wife reportedly claimed she will only be gone for a short time and brought their eldest son with her.

“She told me on the day that she was going to stay in her mother’s home for a few days. But she never returned, and she took our son with her,” Mr. Tian said. He has yet to see his wife again.

Although he doesn’t have his wife with him, Mr. Tian is truly lucky to have Jia Jia looking after him.

Watch Jia Jia’s full story below

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We sure hope the little girl’s story will inspire people to help their family.

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