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15-Year-Old Girl Dies After Boss’ Harsh Punishment For Arriving Late At Work

“My daughter was not feeling well after and bought some medicine, but she cannot move her legs,” her father said.

The family of a 15-year-old girl in China is heartbroken for what happened to their daughter. According to them, she died just 10 days following a harsh punishment for being late at work.

Apparently, the teen, only identified by her nickname Xiao Fei, was forced to do 100 squats because she failed to arrive on time for her job. Reports say she died due to respiratory failure.

Xiao Fei, 15, quit school and borrowed an older friend’s ID so she can work. According to a Unilad article, the teen began working despite her young age so she can help pay for her father’s medical expenses. She was employed by China’s Qfang, a real estate company.

When reached for a comment about the incident, the company was quick to deny that the “punishment” was the cause of the girl’s death.

Source: Asia Wire

A manager surnamed Li was interviewed by the Guangdong Television Broadcast and he said it wasn’t a punishment but an exercise. He, however, admitted that he made her complete all 100 squats.

Mr Jiang, Xiao Fei’s father, insisted that it was indeed a punishment as his daughter was forced to do the squats in the morning as she arrived late.

Describing what happened next, the father said:

“My daughter was not feeling well after and bought some medicine, but she cannot move her legs.”

Days after that, the teen couldn’t even “lift up her hands and collapsed,” wrote Unilad. She then fell sick and eventually became paralyzed. Her mother rushed her to Hunan, Southern China to be treated. She was immediately brought to the ICU of Central South University, Xiangya No 2 Hospital where she later passed away.

Doctors said Xiao was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare and serious nerve system disorder.

Source: Asia Wire
Meanwhile, a lawyer pointed out that the company was not even aware that they were employing a minor.

Source: Asia Wire


10 Rippers Whose Acts Put Jack The Ripper To Shame

They did all the horrible stuff one could only imagine.

Almost everyone in this world knows who Jack the Ripper is. But while that is true, not everyone really knows why the term “ripper” is associated. Basically, this infamous dude used a tool called ripper to murder his victims. His name then began famous when he started sending letters to the police with the said name on them.

Following Jack the Ripper’s rose to fame, every murder connected to mutilation had been attached with the term “ripper.” The tool is basically used to either tear or break something. In Jack’s case, he used it on the victims’ bodies.

As scary as he was back in the day, the succeeding rippers were actually worse than him. And in fact, most of them killed more people. Remember that Jack only had five numbers to his resume. At least, this was what the reports told. ...

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Man With Two Penises Answers Everyone’s Pervy Questions

It’s a condition called Diphallia and happens in one in five million men.

When it comes to the subject of male genitalia, people often talk about size and performance. It’s just normal, since most men only have one penis, which is already enough subject for their incessant worrying. But imagine having TWO penises…this will certainly take the discussion about penises in another level.

Yes, it IS possible. There’s a condition called Diphallia and happens in one in five million men. But not ALL men with this condition have both their wankers fully functional. So when someone tells his story about having two penises that are BOTH working just fine, well, you can pretty much understand all the attention the dude’s been getting.

The man in question has released a book called Double Header: My Life with Two Penises. He hosted an AMA session on Reddit and naturally, the dude just became famous. When he did an interview with BBC Newsbeat, he revealed that his parents advised him to keep his condition private. ...

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I don’t know how I’d feel if I get served with these weird food servings.

Let's face it, food serving and the creativity of restaurant chefs are just some of the factors people look for when dining out - aside from the taste of course.

When it comes to food servings, some restaurants try their best to look unique and stand out from others in the competition. The restaurant competitors today race against each other to produce one-of-a-kind dishes to attract the attention of their customers.

Here are some of the photos of restaurants who went too far in terms of their food servings. Some of these you might find cute, others a bit disgusting and ridiculous....

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