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Giant Manta Ray Approach a Team of Divers and Asks for Help





In the deep blue sea of Costa Rica, an unbelievable encounter was caught on cam. This shocking encounter that surprised the divers turned into a rescue mission to save the poor creature, a magnificent giant oceanic manta ray.

Recently, the group of divers swam into a massive manta ray that was entangled in a thick fishing line. The huge winged fish, which terrified the divers at first sight, appeared to be pleading for help. The poor thing, meant them no harm. It had gotten wrapped up in a fishing net that was cutting into its flesh.

The scuba divers obliged to cut the thick rope knotted around the body of the ray, which belonged to the giant species of rays that weigh almost 5,000 pounds and span as wide as 18 feet.

Large creatures typically elude from human contact but in this case, the manta came looking for them within an arm’s length. They did not expect the massive ray, in the footage you would see how the ray approached the team of divers as if asking a favor to be freed from the thick fishing line.

This prompted the team to think that the big fish was actually pleading for help. When the diver successfully freed the ray, it executed a backflip expressing the joy of freedom from entanglement as it kicked off the remaining bit of the fishing rope. The amazing encounter was all captured in this video taken by one of the divers.

This video shows the whole heroic moment:

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In an interview with one of the divers on G1, a Brazilian news station, Thomaz Monteiro said: “It was the first time I saw a manta ray. There was a very profound interaction between her and the diver.”

Unbelievable! You never know what magic you would find under the deep blue sea. Apart from this astounding video, the team picked up the line as memento and trophy that will remind them of that unforgettable day. The line was cut into little pieces which were given to all of the members of the dive team.

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