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GoPro Camera Tied To A German Shepherd Shows What Happens in a Puppy Pool Party





Early this year, couple Keith Knittel and Ashley Brown attached a GoPro camera to Lola, their beloved four-year-old German Shepherd to see what a day in a dog’s life is really like.

Amazed by what they saw, the couple then decided to see what happens during a doggy swim. The couple once again set up a GoPro on Lola before letting her take the plunge at a pool party in Lakewood Dog Park in Ohio. Both humans and dogs get to participate in the annual puppy pool party making the event more interesting.

Initially, Lola was a bit apprehensive to take a dip and just opted to hang out with humans on dry land. But after gathering enough courage to take the plunge, Lola proved what a great swimmer she is.  Aside from making plenty of splashes, Lola made new friends at the event. At one point, Lola even had the guts to conquer the diving board.

“The diving board part took a minute for her to get the courage to ‘walk the plank’ but she did,” Ashely said.

“Jumping off was kind of an accident though. She saw a tennis ball, got excited, lost her balance and kerplunked in the water,” she added.

Watch Lola’s unique swimming experience below.

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Source: YouTube, Pet 360

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