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Gang of Cows Break Into Hong Kong Supermarket And Ate All The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables




  • The cows straight to the fresh produce shelves and feasted on fruits and vegetables.
  • They were eventually herded out of the store by the staff.
  • Urban development is the main cause of Hong Kong’s feral cow problem.

Around 1,100 wild cows roam the streets of Hong Kong. Now the government actually tolerates them as long as they don’t do anything destructive or disruptive, such as defecate on the streets or cause traffic.

But this one time, the cows crossed the line for tolerable behavior. They entered a local supermarket and ate the fresh produce. Nobody got hurt, thankfully – the cows just wanted the food.

The incident happened around 8 pm.

According to local newspaper Ling Pao, four cows went to the Fusion grocery store in Mui Wo, went straight to the fruit and vegetable shelves, and gorged themselves on the fresh stuff.

The amused shoppers just let the cows be and watched them feast on fruits and vegetables.

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After a while, the supermarket staff managed to herd the cattle out of the establishment.

There are around 30 wild cows in Mui Wo, according to District Councillor Andy Wong Man-hon. This was the first time that such an incident happened and he is concerned that it might occur again, since people often feed fruits to these cows.

Cows roaming around is a common sight in Hong Kong.
The cows are generally friendly and do not hurt people around them.

Hong Kong’s feral cow problem has been going on for a while. An article in the South China Morning Post pointed out rapid urban expansion and development as the cause.

The projects caused species of wildlife to get out of the countryside and wander into the more populated areas.

Ho Loy, chairwoman of the Lantau Buffalo Association, said that “Lots of people think it’s annoying to have these cows roaming onto roads with traffic. But they don’t understand that these sites were where the cows and their predecessors used to eat and live before the landscapes were covered with cement and turned into city roads.”

She added that these feral cows are just roaming around and grazing in the very same area they always have done so, even amidst the changes in their environment brought on by rapid urbanization.

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