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Furious Cockatoo Destroys Anti-Nesting Spikes From Building




  • A cockatoo wasn’t happy about an anti-nesting system being installed on a building.
  • In an act of defiance, the bird began tearing off the spikes with his claws and beak.
  • The cockatoo would then throw away the discarded spikes, as if he was truly disgusted with them.

There is little doubt that birds don’t like anti-nesting systems, which are basically spikes installed on window sills that prevent them from building a nest. However, one furious cockatoo took matters into his own claws (and beak) to get rid of the pesky contraptions. The cockatoo was seen angrily taking the spikes apart and throwing them down on the ground.

The cockatoo was spotted by Isaac Sherring-Tito in front of a building in Katoomba in New South Wales, Australia. Sherring-Tito first saw several bits of plastic falling around him and immediately looked up to see what was happening. What he saw was so astounding that he had to take his phone out and take a video.

Watch the amazing video below:

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It’s a hilarious video considering that the cockatoo seems to know exactly how to remove the spikes. In addition to that, it is revealed that the bird has been busy and has removed several spikes before Sherring-Tito discovered him.

Not surprisingly, the internet loved what the cockatoo did. Some called it an obvious act of rebellion while others declared that the bird was proving that “punk is not dead” .

The cockatoo would use its claws and beak to pry the spikes off the window sill.

Anti-nesting systems are usually installed on commercial buildings to prevent birds from using their window sills for their nests. These nests could sometimes block a security camera and birds that live around the area regularly annoy people with their droppings. Unfortunately, these spikes simply don’t work on this particular cockatoo.

It would then toss the spikes aside without a care as to where it would fall #sorrynotsorry

It is unclear what happened to the cockatoo after the video. Perhaps he finished his mission and flew off to a new building to continue destroying more anti-nesting spikes. Either way, the bird is now something of a hero to his fellow winged creatures.

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