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You Never Want Any Of These To Happen On Your Wedding Day

These are definitely not your wedding goals!


A wedding is a special event between two people who love each other. It is the day that you finally show your commitment to one another and start living life together. One thing a person is supposed to do during his or her wedding day is to look as fabulous or as presentable as possible. You are supposed to behave well in front of your family and friends.

However, there are some folks that were caught through photographs behaving inappropriately during their wedding day. Although some of the photos show couples being photographed at the wrong place and at the wrong time, most of them are just doing things outside of the norm.

Here in Elite Readers, we will show you some of the most hilarious photographs of people during their wedding day.

Here are the pictures, enjoy!


Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 30

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 29

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 28

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 27

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 26

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 25

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 24

wedding-fails 23


Are you having fun so far? Some people really know how to have some fun even during their wedding day. Save your laughs as there are more pictures below that are even funnier.

wedding-fails 21

wedding-fails 20

wedding-fails 19

wedding-fails 18

wedding-fails 17

wedding-fails 16

wedding-fails 15

Okay, before you proceed, you may want to take a deep breath as these last set of photos are going to make you laugh even harder. How could people do these things to their significant other during their wedding day? Well, don’t laugh too hard, it could happen to you during your own wedding ceremony.

wedding-fails 14

wedding-fails 13

wedding-fails 12

wedding-fails 11

wedding-fails 10

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 9

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 8

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 7

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 6

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 5

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 4

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 3

Source: gosocial

wedding-fails 2

Source: gosocial

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