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13 Of The Most Brutally Honest Mother’s Day Cards EVER

These greetings are so savage – especially #2!

Celebrated annualy, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show appreciation and love for the greatest women in our lives – our mothers. This is the day when they are treated like queens by giving them flowers, treating them to a fancy dinner, and generally letting them enjoy the day (through having a massage or spa, maybe?).

Of course, you can also go old school by sending them Mother’s Day greeting cards. Let’s face it, simple greeting cards are often more effective compared with an SMS or a Facebook message.

If you want to spice up your greetings a bit, you might want to consider the following Mother’s Day cards below. Compiled by Oddee, these greetings are definitely the most brutal and most hilarious at the same time.

#1. Her boobs kept you alive.

Yes, it’s weird to think that you were a sucker once. Like literally!

#2. Really sorry!

Things will never be the same – an it’s all because of you.

#3. This one’s creepy tho.

Source: Etsy

Greetings from Norman Bates, the scariest mama’s boy.

#4. Thank you, Mom!

Just imagine if she did.

#5. Thought this one would say something sweet or profound…

Source: Etsy


#6. The pun game is strong in this one.

Source: Etsy

Thanks for the 9 months, mom.

#7. Never too late to say thanks.

Source: Etsy

You V destoryer you!

#8. Thank you and sorry.

Source: Etsy

Just being honest.

#9. Who knows? Maybe she regrets the decision now!

Source: Etsy

At least she’s been there for you all these years, right?

#10. Emphasis added on “always”.

Source: Etsy

Can’t be more real than this.

#11. Yes, it’s all your fault.

Source: Etsy

Go get her a box of tissue as a gift then. It’s the least you can do.

#12. If I didn’t have you…

Source: Etsy

Things could have been way worse.

#13. Uhh, thanks?

Source: Etsy

Not really sure how a mother would feel about this.

What do you think of these unique Mother’s Day cards, folks? Tell us which ones are your favorite in the comment section below!


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