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Funny Artist Travels to Scenic Locations Just To Paint His Own Shirt Patterns

The big question on everyone’s minds: WHY?!


All artists know this – creating art isn’t simple. Sometimes you just need to be in the zone in order to start or finish a piece. Otherwise, it’s often difficult, if not impossible, to produce anything.

To get in the right mood, some artists try to watch movies, listen to music, read reference materials, or even travel somewhere. This guy we see below, however, is an example of the extreme. Case in point, he traveled to scenic spots only to paint the patterns on his own shirts.

The big question on everyone’s minds: WHY?!

Meet artist Hank Schimdt in der Beek. In collaboration with photographer Fabian Schubert, the two came up with the hilarious project “Und im Sommer tu ich malen” which literally translates to “And in the Summer, I do paint.”

As you can see on the photos we’ve compiled, der Beek was photographed in different locations with his canvas and art tools. The catch? He isn’t painting the landscape around him – just his own shirt’s patterns.

These kids are probably blown away by his masterpiece. NOT!

The artist shared the thought process behind the project, saying:

“Confronted with the immenseness of the mountains and the littleness of my canvasses, I decided to paint what’s nearest to me instead of what’s afield and giant.”

Check out the rest of the photos in this funny photographic series:

Not surprisingly, the photos eventually went viral as netizens appreciated the humor behind it.

In a Sad And Useless feature, we learn that der Beek and Schubert began with the project back in 2009 “and it’s still ongoing.”

Well if that’s not called dedication, I truly don’t know what is!

In case you’re interested, you can go check out Hank Schmidt in der Beek’s Artsy page and Fabian Schubert’s website to see more of their stuff.


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