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40 Accidental Cosplays That Are Actually Better Than Real Ones

Sometimes, the funniest ones are those you do not see coming.


It cannot be denied that the cosplay community is very much thriving these days. In the past, this hobby might only be known to nerds and geeks. But over time, people from all walks of life have learned to embrace it. And believe it or not, there are those who aced their cosplay thing even without realizing it.

We have compiled a list of individuals who, for some reasons, found a way to champion coincidental cosplays. As a result, they look as funny as ever. Scroll down below and check out which one gave you a laugh the most.

#1. I think we can all agree that she looks like Tweety Bird’s Granny.

Source: cameragirlsp
#2. And here I thought Albert Einstein was dead.

#3. Harry Potters fans need to go to the airport now.

Source: mygoodness82
#4. So, sir, if I may, where are your minions?

Source: Imgur
#5. Oh, yes, you know him.

Source: Z3F
#6. You nailed it, boy!

#7. When one of the Starfleet troops decided to go get some groceries done.

#8. This is seriously the Obi-Wan Kenobi cosplay.

Source: LegoLover58
#9. “I am the one who knocks, Skyler.”

Source: OthelloMon
#10. This septic tank reminds of Rafiki from Lion King.

Source: SweetSound
#11. Told you not to eat the apple, Snow White.

#12. Is it me or that truck looks like Cookie Monster?

#13. The accidental Jedi.

Source: Shirowoh
#14. Remember that scientist guy from Jurassic Park? He is still sad.

Source: dick-nipples
#15. Now I know where the missing Minion is.

#16. This is what happens to Mario and Peach after being married for years.

Source: ratpoison35
#17. These guys are from Twilight. Nah. Just Kidding.

#18. Pacman, anyone?

#19. And here I thought she already killed Bill.

#20. Just dress a bit like this and you will look like Liz Lemon.

#21. Introducing Scrat the squirrel from Ice Age.

#22. OMG! Jar-jar Binks is that you?

#23. All the more reason to hate Kim.

#24. The Accidental X-Men.

#25. Poor Sam. Looks like he did not make the cut to Citadel.

Source: Imgur
#26. When Khal Drogo is not doing his Game of Thrones thing.

Source: Badgeros
#27. The R2D2 Vacuum.

Source: ARottenPear
#28. Do not tell me this is Kenny from South Park?

Source: ScottVFTF
#29. You cannot unsee this.

#30. I must say she looks bolder and more gorgeous than Chun-Li.

#31. There goes Kenny from South Park again!

#32. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.

#33. Guys, meet the real Linda Belcher.

#34. Seriously, this potato looks like Capt. Ackbar.

Source: Vanhole
#35. When your teacher looks like a Jedi Knight.

Source: Kozij
#36. The lens flare in this photo look like Eric Cartman.

Source: Edders_19
#37. I do not even know what to say.

#38. This guy, though.

Source: paulshnargas
#39. I am eating Jabba the Hutt tonight.

Source: JiveMonkey
#40. You know he is your friend when he does this with you.

Source: tinford

Now you know why accidental cosplays are one of the best things in the world. And we are pretty sure these photos made you laugh. Share us what you think below!


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