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5 Fun And Effective Ways To End Common After-Dinner Dilemma On Who’s Picking the Tab





Almost all of us have experienced the ‘bill dance’. As a common dinner dilemma, picking the tab is always a painful topic, regardless of whether it is the first date or a regular eat out with friends.

Fairness dictates going Dutch, but sometimes there’s that awkward moment of hesitation in every dinner table – especially among groups. Avoid it and there’s the danger of being tagged as the group cheapskate forever. Pick the tab and risk burning a hole straight through your wallet. Whatever you do, regardless of whom you are with, this part of going out is the least fun in a night out.


Still, you should keep in mind that there is no pain that can’t be transformed into fun, one way or another. In fact, there are several ways to inject some excitement in the decision-making process for who’s paying for the group dinner.

Redditors suggested several games to try and decide who’s footing the bill for the night. Here are some of the best games that you and your buddies can try:

#1. Credit card roulette

Some people like it a lot to the point of calling it the “most fun”. But of course, the unlucky card owner won’t agree as much.

#2. The smartphone ‘touch-me-not’ game

This is a good way to remind everyone that the dinner table used to be a place where people talk too. Cut down on mobile phone use and save on dinner bills. Not a bad idea, huh?

#3. Rapid-fire guessing game

Everyone likes guessing games. Be it in the form of charades or something else, nothing can beat this old classic. It’s a bonus if it saves your wallet from some unavoidable damages!

#4. Whoever makes the waitress react (or the corollary, whoever doesn’t get any reaction)
#5. Go Venmo!

Along with everything else, technology has found a way to solve this unpleasant after-dinner dilemma. This is not exactly fun for everyone as some may say it is too “transactional” and it “makes people less generous and chivalrous.” But at the end of the day, it promotes fairness down to the last cent.

Whether you try any of these suggestions or not is all up to you, but remember: all roads lead to drones. During that awkward moment when everyone has finished eating and are starting to wonder who’s footing the bill, it might be best to remember that going Dutch or asking the one who ordered the most expensive to foot the bill is not the only available ways to decide.

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