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Man Transforms His Old Electric Water Heater Into An Awesome Grill

Let this man be your inspiration to bring out the creativity in you!


We always love to have quality time with our family especially every weekend. A family gathering will never be perfect and complete without grilling burgers, hot dog, barbecue and anything that will satisfy your cravings.

Blackir an Instructable user uploaded series of photos on how he turned his water heater to a brand new grill, the result is simply amazing!

The materials he used:

  1. An old 200 L electric water heater
  2. Rivet
  3. Hinges
  4. Handle
  5. Thermometer
  6. Whell
  7. Metal hooks
  8. Corner steel
  9. Heat resistant black paint

Just be careful when trying this activity at home, refrain your kids to come near you to avoid any injuries or accidents.

If you really want to know how to turn the water heater to a brand new grill of yours, below are the simple instructions he did.

1. He eradicate all the insulation from the outside.

2. To build the legs, he welded some bed frames to the bottom of the heater.

3. Using an old pipe, he created a vent. So artistic!

4. Next for the circulation, he added an air vent to the opposite side.

5. The last but definitely the most important step, he coated the grill in heat resistant paint.

And … VIOLA! It’s done!



He’s now enjoying grilling with family and friends.


I seriously need one of these right now.

Okay, I need one of these right now.

Home & DIY

Clever Woman Has A Unique Way Of Watering Plants

You can go on vacation and your plants will still be lush and healthy.

Don’t you just hate it when you have a couple of beautiful potted plants in your home (cacti not included, of course), but because you have to be away for a while the plant ends up dying? Or maybe you’re just the type who sometimes forgets to water their plants because you’re way too busy with the other things going on in your life. There’s nothing quite as devastating as finding your precious plants wilted and dead because of dehydration!

Well, the AZ Plant Lady has come up with a simple yet phenomenal way to water plants using something a lot of you may have hanging around – wine bottles!

Simply water your potted plants as usual. And then grab a wine bottle and fill it to the brim with water. Cover the top with your thumb to keep the water from dripping out, and then quickly turn the bottle upside down and “plant” it into the soil. Make sure it’s at least 2 inches deep to keep it from falling over.

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This Trick Should Help You Save Time In Tying Your Tie

That was quick! Definitely saves you time.

Tying a tie can be a challenge especially when you’ve just started adulting or you need to go to a formal event. If you don’t know the tricks to putting on a tie properly, you would spend a lot of time dwelling on it.

However, there’s this simple trick that would help tie your tie in just five seconds. You won’t even need help from someone else and you don’t need special tools to help you tie it.

Hacks World shares this awesome video showing how you can cleverly put on a tie in a super quick way. It starts by looping the tie around your left hand completely three times. Pinch the fabric altogether and secure it using your right hand. The next thing is you pull the innermost loop out while pushing the rest through it.

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Every Woman Should Learn This Effective Self-Defense Choke Hold

Take note, ladies!

It is an unfortunate fact that a huge number of women are becoming victims of violent crime. According to the statistics shared by the website, “over 22 million women in the United States have been raped in their lifetime” and about “18.3% of women in the United States have survived a completed or attempted rape.” The site further mentioned that “every 90 seconds, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted.”

What makes the situation even sadder is the fact that these numbers are merely for the United States. Just imagine how those figures could blow up if we consider what’s happening elsewhere in the world!

With this in mind, it is extremely obvious that learning self-defense should be a priority for females.

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