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First Person to Reach 135 Has Been Born, Expert Reveals





Fascinated by human longevity and life expectancy, scientists have done countless studies to prolong human life for the past century.

But now, an expert claims that the first person in the world to reach the age of 135 has been born.

According to Professor Rudi Westendorp, a geriatrics expert at the University of Copenhagen, human life expectancy has increased from 40 to 80 in the last century.

The academic says that humans are gaining six hours in life expectancy every day, but unfortunately, humans have not kept pace socially.

Professor Westendorp: Humans are gaining 6 hours in life expectancy every day.


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“The first person to reach the age of 135 has already been born,” he revealed.

Saying aging is all in the mind, Professor Westendorp warned that the society is failing to adapt to the possibility of longer lifespans.

The human mindset, Professor Westendorp claims, prevents humans from dealing with the increase in life expectancy.

Aging is all in the mind: The human mindset prevents us from dealing with longer expectancies.


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In his new book, Professor Westendorp said that it is wrong for us to take the life stories of our parents and grandparents as a blueprint for living our lives.

“Who brings their children up in the realistic expectation they they will reach the age of 100?” he said.

Contrary to popular expectation that people who are 50 years old and beyond should take things easy, Professor Westendorp believes that old people must enjoy healthy social lives into old age to live longer.

Elderly people should enjoy healthy social lives to live longer.


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“They believe that when the maximum number of bends or heartbeats has been reached, it’s over, the organ is broken, the body is sick and the person dies,” he added.

In fact, he also revealed that lonely pensioners could die sooner compared to smokers.

At 116, Susannah Mushatt Jones is the oldest person in the world.


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At present, Susannah Mushatt Jones, 116, is the oldest person in the planet and one of only two people verified to have been born in the 1800’s.

Source: Mirror UK

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